A Day in the Life…

I only read a couple of other blogs, because my time is limited, but there is one in particular that inspired this.  After reading Naptimewriting’s recent post, “Sigh“, I decided to document one of my own toddler discussions.  I strongly suggest you check out her site.  She is a fantastic writer with a great voice.  Definitely worth the visit. (click on either her blog name or the post title to link directly to her site)

So….here we go….

Real and unedited dialogue with my 2 year old yesterday. Feel free to put this on a 13 hour incessant loop,  beginning at 7 am and ending at 8 pm…. 8 pm sharp. For all parties involved, we don’t mess around with bedtime.

“Zachary, listen to your sister. Does she sound happy?”

“Ellie’s a horse”

“Ellie is NOT a horse, we don’t sit on our sister…Zachary, can she breathe? Zachary, listen, why don’t we try to….ZACHARY, GET OFF YOUR SISTER!”

“I having a hard time”

“You are having a hard time. It’s ok. Sometimes we get excited. Can you apologize to Ellie?”

“Sowy. I didn’t mean to do dat”

“Ok. Thank you, how about we go….Zachary, what did Mommy just say? Please get off of Isabelle.”

“Ellie’s a bicycle”

“Ellie is NOT a bicycle”

“Ellie’s a tricycle”

“Ellie is NOT a tricycle. Zachary, listen to what she’s telling you by whining.  She is smaller than you. GET OFF YOUR SISTER!”

“I having a hard time. I wanna go in the cwib”

“Yes. I think that’s wise. Maybe you need a minute to wind down. What book would you like in your crib?”

“Jennifer’s walk.”

“Ok. Jennifer’s Walk. Isabelle and I are going to go into the other room to give you some…

“I all done”

“All done already?  Ok, let’s go play in the living room….Zachary, GET OFF YOUR….ok. Different approach”

“Diffent appwoach?”

“Yes. Different approach.  It means we’re going to try this a new way. Look at me. Zachary, Look into my eyes. I want to talk to you about something. This is your neck and head. Necks and heads are very delicate.”


“Yes. We have to be very careful with head and necks. I understand you guys like to wrestle like little bear cubs, but we have to always make sure we are paying attention to and aware of….really, Em? He’s 2.”


“Yes. 2. It means that I’m explaining too much and you don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand?”

“Right.  Except that I believe you DO, which makes it all the more frustrating.”

“You fustwated?”

“No, it’s Ok.  Why don’t we all go….Zachary, be careful of your feet. Feet shouldn’t be in our sister’s face”

“It’s not sanitawy?”

“Exactly. It’s not sanitary. And it’s not nice.  How about we go for a ride…in the car, with car seats and buckles that keep you immobile, and allow for me to listen to music and not run around.

“Run around?”

“No.  No running around. We’re going for a ride in the….ZACHARY!

“Ellie’s a car”


6 responses to “A Day in the Life…

  1. Have I told you lately how much I love your blog? Cause I do! Thanks so much for writing and all the words of wisdom. We will miss you and the fam at our gatherings. But I’m so happy that you guys are taking that next step on your new adventure. If you do ever visit LA in the future please try to schedule us in. Ps and btw Ellie is a car totally made me laugh but I know the feeling. Eli likes to try to sit on poor Owen on the bouncer. Ugh.

  2. sigh, cute from this end… but I know… frustrating from yours 🙂 It is a great blog though… I like the idea and it sounds very much like my daily conversations only they are more commonly over “Jacob, don’t hit Nathan in the face with the lightsaber… and Nathan, don’t shoot your brother!” haha, maybe we should make a cd of conversations for other moms 🙂


  3. Laughing so hard!!!!! Brilliant.

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