Call me “Mrs. Baker”

It is completely not my blogging style to post something I have made for dinner or dessert,  but I must share this BIG NEWS.

I have decided to quit my job as an unemployed actress and become a baker.  Here are a couple of pictures of the baby rattle cupcakes I handcrafted for a friend’s baby shower this weekend.

They are adorable, but should come with a disclaimer stating that one should be advised NOT to pick up the cupcake by the stick itself.  Who would be stupid enough to pick up a cupcake by a stick?  Me.  Only after spending 2 and a half hours icing and decorating them.  But, even after that one face planted on my ever-so-clean kitchen floor, it was delectable. I believe the mashed up cheerios and dried peas from last Tuesday only served to add texture and flavor to my homemade butter-cream icing. All in all, they were a hit!  Yeah, me!!

8 responses to “Call me “Mrs. Baker”

  1. So cute, Em! They look all kinds of yummy! :0)

  2. So stinkin’ cute, Em!!! Can you be any more creative? You’re a good friend to spend so much time on those while having 2 kids to care for!! 🙂 xoxo

  3. Didn’t I call that one? I’ll bet they were a real hit at the party. Hope none of them made it to the floor!

  4. They are brilliant! Are you really going to be a baker? That sounds like fun… if you can stay away from eating your results 🙂 You are off to a great start!!

  5. These are fantastic!!

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