Magic, Anyone?

I seem to be in a frozen state of non-action at the moment. There is so much that needs to get done in the next 3 and a half weeks, and instead of chipping away or rushing forth and tackling the beast, I am choosing the “stand back and watch” approach. Which isn’t really an approach as much as a hibernation, in the hopes that someone will wave a magic wand and we will wake up on the east coast, snowflakes dancing in the moonlight under the gaslights that line our new street, babies in fleece footed pajamas, tucked away in their new bedrooms, clothes all folded and put away, and our belongings neatly ordered and placed.

If anyone has seen my fairy godmother, please send her my way. We could use a pearly white, horse-drawn carriage in which to tote our family across the country. I’m quite certain that horses can make better time than our 2 separate cars, carrying our 2 children and 2 dogs.

As for the gown, not necessary. As exquisite as it looks, comfort is key on long journeys, carriage or no carriage.


9 responses to “Magic, Anyone?

  1. Didn’t I teach you well that procrastination always works?

  2. Know what you are going through! Before we moved from England back to FL, I seized up and did nothing…. I really mean NOTHING. My friends kicked in 4 days before the packers came and helped me whip things into shape. They were my fairies… I will be eternally grateful. It is such an overwhelming task. Try not to stress about the details, they will somehow work themselves out. Good luck!

    • Oh my gosh, Emily! So glad to hear I’m not crazy! those are some good friends that you have! Maybe I’ll just bank on my fairies showing up? I’m thinking, I shouldn’t count on it. Must get packing!

  3. I have been there myself. Unfortunately the fairy godmother usually doesn’t show up. That being said, there is nothing wrong with occasionally stepping back from life and taking a little break… that can be good for the soul too.

  4. You’re funny, Em! I will be your fairy waiting for you in NJ…I’ll help you unpack and get those feet in the fleece pajamas!! Can’t do anything to help you on the west coast except just to say…”get moving…we want you home!!!” xoxo

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