Journeying East- Day One

Writing on my blackberry in the car, and posting as internet becomes available.  I’m certain there are spelling and grammar errors.  But, no time to pour over entries!  Come with us on our journey!!!!

December 29th, 2011

No travel. The first test in my new, “play it by ear and go with the flow” strategy. We are signing out this evening on a couple of air mattresses lent to us by blessed friends for whom we are grateful…

Things learned thus far:

1.) Moving across 52 states takes longer than moving across 5 miles. 9 hours longer, in fact.

2.)It takes 5 hours to inventory every last item we own, down to the toothbrushes in our cabinet (crap…I forgot my toothbrush)

3.)shower curtains are not just bathroom decor. They have an important purpose.

4.)We take for granted the strategic placement of waste baskets.

5.)When feeding children, it is easier to have chairs and a table, but picnicking in the backyard is also fun…once the mother of said children takes a deep breath and reminds herself of her new strategy.

6.)When you are a Mover by trade, you take no shame in using toilets in the homes of others to their FULL capacity.

7.)It is the movee’s job to provide food for the movers????  Still not sure about that one

8.)My children sleep just fine in pack n plays… sharing a room. (We could be paying about 1500 less per month in rent)

9.)Toddlers are much more adaptable than we may think

10.) The reason why moving is overwhelming no matter how prepared we think we are, is because all of the little things we use frequently, become permanent fixtures in our minds, and we don’t think of them as items that need to be moved….shocking realization sets in on actual moving day, with babies on hips and no hands with which to pack said little things.

10.) Trusting and having faith in the goodness of others can alleviate pressure in situations like these.

10.) Sometimes friends know better what we need than we do. Many people offered to help and we declined, not having a clear picture of what was about to ensue. They came over anyway and jumped in without instruction. I don’t have any idea what we would have done if these people took our refusals to heart.

11.) We have very special people in our lives on this coast whom we will miss dearly.

The last one is not a new epiphany, but needed to be stated.

I do believe we are off tomorrow! For real this time!


2 responses to “Journeying East- Day One

  1. Yay! You’re coming home! I’m going to take down my shower curtain this week in honor of your journey! Love ya!

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