Journeying East – Day Three

December 31st, 2011

During our jaunt to Vegas last night, I plotted a way in which to ship the car, fly someone out to assist us with the dogs and children, and book us all on the next flight out to New York. This scheme was conjured during an ear-piercing standstill on I-15.

We felt devilishly clever for 30 minutes, as we found a secret, parallel road and went whizzing past the traffic jam for fourteen miles.  This was until our mini van came nose to nose with the “Road Closed” sign, and had to backtrack all fourteen miles. Some anticipatory signage might have been nice, but I suppose that’s what we get for trying to beat the system!

For two hours, our over-tired children screamed in exhaustion while we sat in bumper to bumper traffic. Who knew that on the Friday night of New Year’s eve weekend, there would be traffic en route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?  I’m humbly astounded at our lack of awareness in making this plan, but in our defense, there have been a few details to distract from such common sense.

We arrived with tear streaked, blotchy faces at 1 AM, and in order to squelch the hysterics, we had to wake them up completely and lighten their mood with the I-Pad. They did in fact calm down, but then were ready to party. We almost sent them to the strip so we could go to bed, but we felt this would be an  irresponsible parenting choice.


Both still awoke at 5 am, despite the late night antics, and I practically begged my husband to remove all small beings from the room so that I might sleep another hour. Being the amazing spouse he is, he obliged.

We got out around 10 am, hit the Starbucks and headed for Flagstaff with a short stop at the Hoover Dam.

I have decided to continue to stick it out with the road trip at this point, as we are having fun…ish.

Oh!  And Happy New Year!!!!  I almost forgot!


3 responses to “Journeying East – Day Three

  1. Happy New Year to you as well!! Your kids are adorable. Looking forward to your posts in 2012!

  2. Oh Em!! I’d come help you if I could…what about having someone meet you, take the kids and fly them back to NY/NJ while you and Steve enjoy driving cross country by yourselves? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Maybe we can work something out…I’d be more than happy to help. They could stay here in Philly with us???? Think about it. It may be something we could work out. Hang in there…an over-tired Mommy and Daddy trying to care for over-tired children can make the worst-tasting cocktail ever!! I speak from experience here 🙂 xoxo Love you.

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