Journeying East – The Solution

I must first say that I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of support we received immediately upon hitting the publish key for my last entry.  407 of you read the post and 50 or 60 of you offered assistance and sent words of advice and encouragement.  I do believe, that although it’s possible we could have pushed harder, the Car Company is doing the right thing.  I write this as I settle into our two bedroom suite, courtesy of ____Ford.   I am drained and weary from being on the phone every half hour for the past two days, but we now have a break…a week and a half break, in fact.  The day went as follows:

My husband and I realized that we both felt more comfortable with him taking care of the kids, while I dealt with the dealerships both here and in Los Angeles.  Once we got over our guilt that perhaps the roles should reverse, I being the nurturing Mom, while he stands as the firm and tough negotiator, we were able to appreciate our teamwork, however the roles are assigned.

I showed up at Toyota today to pick up the car seats from our sickly Sienna, and was ushered through the offices and introduced to everyone as “this is her!”  When I inquired about the meaning of the statement, one mechanic said “Please take this as a compliment, but here in the Southwest, we aren’t used to women being so aggressive and so involved in these matters.”  I did indeed, take it as a compliment, but didn’t feel I was being aggressive at all.  These people were on the good side.  I can’t imagine what they would have thought had they been privy to my conversations with Ford!  Evidently this case has reached infamy in both the States of California and New Mexico…at the car dealerships, at least.

The Executive Manager of Albuquerque Toyota sat me down to engage in a conference call with the President of _____Ford.   They had been on the phone all morning trying to rectify the situation and came up with the purchase of a new engine to replace the old.  The kicker?  This new engine would not arrive to be put in until next Wednesday, the 11th.  At first, we said absolutely not.  They would have to come up with a replacement car within two days.  The details are boring, but after an entire day of phone calls, we realized that the best deal we could get, would be to accept this engine and put our trip on hold for a week and a half.  I have an email from the GM of ____Ford, stating that they are paying for our entire stay in Albuquerque, our rental car, the repair of our car, a detailed inspection, and a reinstatement of both of our warranties on the vehicle.   In total, the company is taking a hit of 12,000 dollars

I’m sure many will say that we should have pushed for a brand new vehicle, and perhaps we should have.  But in the end, after living in a heightened emotional state for two days, going back and forth with different options, I wanted it to be over.   I am possibly extremely naive, but I do get the sense that although this was a horrible mistake that should have been discovered before the sale of the vehicle, this was not in fact an intentional attempt to swindle the buyer.  If that were the case, they would not be so willing to shell out this amount of money.  They claim that although they feel horrible about how much inconvenience this has caused us, it has also hurt them.  According to the GM, the person who traded in the vehicle, changed the oil just beforehand and was extremely dishonest in their transaction.

Whatever.  I’m tired.  I have placed all of our clothes in dresser drawers, stocked the refrigerator, bought a bottle of wine and am about to plan excursions for our week and a half, paid vacation in Albuquerque, NM.

I am thankful for ALL of you, for the phone calls we have gotten from friends of yours who live here in NM and who have offered to take us to dinner, for the owner of Staybridge Suites who has been on the phone with ____Ford to make sure the credit card billed is not ours, for the free buffet breakfast every morning, and for the glass of wine I am about to enjoy.

Thank you all……The kindness in this world greatly outweighs the ill-will.

Albuquerque, NM


30 responses to “Journeying East – The Solution

  1. SO glad you are safe, and they are taking care of things. I hope you make it to Santa Fe (crank up RENT on the way) – and here’s some more fun to be had!

  2. Wow!! You are a much stronger person than I am! I would probably still be in the middle of a melt down right now. You are awesome!

  3. Emily–

    Please proceed to the nearest Trader Joe’s…(it’s only 2.8 miles away). Buy yourself a case of your favorite wine (feel free to mix and match).
    Send us the bill. You deserve it! Enjoy your unplanned, paid vacation. Hopefully, by the time you leave there, I will have learned how to spell the name of the town you’re in! 😉 HUGS AND KISSES!

  4. YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! And next time I have ANY issue with a dealership, you are the FIRST person I am calling. Em, if there is a heavyweight championship title belt for a soul, you win it in spades. That doesn’t make you any less nurturing or motherly than any other mom out there. I’ve seen you with your children–they way you coo over the slightest boo-boo, or light up at the sound of a giggle. If anything, this is making you THE ULTIMATE mother–you are showing both Isabelle and Zachary that regardless of their gender, they should stand up for themselves and for their family when they have been wronged–even if it’s against a seemingly impenetrable force, like a corporate bully! Brava my friend. Way to pick your battles–and to WIN them :).

  5. So happy to hear you have a solution. How incredibly exhausting! Now relax and try to enjoy Albequerque… It is a beautiful area to be stuck in! Wishing you the best and some peace!

  6. John Rubinstein

    WOW. What A story! Great that you made the Ford folks bow and scrape a bit. It’s about time! Yes. . . enjoy Santa Fe; it’s so peaceful and beautiful. Good eating places, too.

  7. Wow! You amaze me with your strength and assertiveness in defending your family and what is right. I am even more amazed at your courage and resilience when it comes to challenges…always a bright side for you. I love you, Em…proud as a pseudo-big sister can be of you. Way to hang tough and roll with the punches. Your children are blessed to have you as a mom, for sure!

    And God love, Steve too! Such a sweet, sweet man to take the kids and let you do your thing (not to mention letting you sleep in a few posts back). I just love you both! :0)

  8. so proud of you! Glad you got it taken care of and please enjoy the time you have there, your babies are getting an adventure too! can’t wait to hear more about the fun you will have!!!!!! xo

  9. Oh Em and Steve (and kids, too), I am OVERJOYED to hear of this great news!!!! Em, I don’t think you are naive at all!!! You worked your magic, girl, and got a new engine in your car!! That is amazing…that IS (practically) a new car you have now. I believe you did everything correctly and what a blessing that you can now relax and enjoy a paid vacation in NM!! I wish I was there with you!! I also agree with you, not that my opinion matters, that the dealerships seems like they meant no ill-will toward you. I am astonished that they are paying the entire bill so willingly, even if it meant talking every half hour for 2 days. Sounds like —–Ford is doing the right thing. Prayers that once the car if fixed you don’t run into any more trouble with it. I love you guys and am so happy that everything worked out. Blessings in disguise…I love them.

  10. Dear Emily ,Steve and children. What an expierence you are having. I am proud to be related. You are amazing, both of you. Our family is noted for our strong women..I always have to deal with the worst senerio, not because Tony couldn’t do it, but I must have it in my corner. I can deal with it better. You are great parents and my hat is off to both of you. Do you have the dogs with you also? I am glad to hear that the company is making it right for you. Take it easy and enjoy the surroundings. It is a beautiful state.

  11. Hi Em!

    Amazing determination regarding the van and not having a nervous breakdown! I think people underestimate the power of a stressed mommy! Are you moving back to upstate or near NYC? Keep stong and enjoy the adventure!

  12. Judy Courtney - Araca

    God is good! He didn’t need my prayers (as I did not know about this until today) but He will hear of them until you are resting well in NJ. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Enjoy your vacation! You are well missed already! Blessings!

  13. Judy Courtney - Araca

    You got ’em! I’m so thankful you are all okay. As they say…”one day you’ll look back on this and…” You can fill in the rest! By the way…you are a very prolific writer. God has gifted you with many talents. Perhaps we’ll see a “best seller” on the shelves someday? You certainly could do it! Be blessed!

    • Thanks, Judy! so sweet of you! that would be nice, wouldn’t it? there are many wanna be writers out there. I just enjoy the past time. Wouldn’t it be great to get paid for it, though?!

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