Journeying East – The New Solution

Are you all tired of this story? Cause we are!  We were notified by Albuquerque Toyota this morning that ___Ford had still not contacted them and that because the engine had yet to be ordered, it would not be here until next Thursday or Friday.  This would not put us on the road until the following Monday or Tuesday.  I then called Ford for the 384th time and explained with stern kindness, this sentiment:

“Hi Al.  It’s Emily Smith. (I am amused by the fact that I still use an alias on this blog, as everyone knows who I am, but playing anonymous makes me feel mysterious) I so appreciate all you have done to make this right and know that this has been just as much of a headache for you as it has been for us.  Here is what I think would be most cost-effective for all involved.  As you guys are paying for our Hotel and food, and days continue to be added on to this as we await for all parties to OK everything and get all of the necessary paperwork in order, it would make more sense for you to get us a one way rental and have the car shipped to us once it is repaired.  As lovely as Albuquerque is, we have a long drive ahead of us and were not prepared for a month-long sojourn”


“Ummmm.  Ok.  Let me talk to the powers that be and get back to you”

Later, as we were enjoying the polar bears at the Albuquerque Zoo, I received a call from Al. He said,

“Hello, Emily.  When would you like to leave Albuquerque?”

“What do you mean?  As soon as possible?”

“Can you leave now?”

I laughed out loud as his subtext seemed so clearly to be “Can you people kindly get the bloody he@# out of the Southwest and never return!?”

“We would love to get back on the road tomorrow morning if you can work that out.”

“OK.  There will be 2011 mini van waiting for you at the Albuquerque Airport this evening.  You will keep the car until yours is fixed and shipped to you.  We are calling the Hotel today to fax them a credit card authorization form.   And you will soon receive the paperwork stating that both of your warranties are valid.”

“Thanks so much, Al.  I’m sure you will be happy to not hear from me 17 times a day!”  I added with a giggle.


“Thank you, Emily.  Good luck on your move.”

So, that’s that.  We are back on the road tomorrow.  All of our belongings on the moving truck will be arriving on Saturday.  Let’s get the show on the road!

6 responses to “Journeying East – The New Solution

  1. Judy Courtney - Araca

    Once again…praise God from whom all blessings flow!! That’s wonderful news! God never said we have to be become a doormat when faced with adversity. We just have to STAND UP and fight as Jesus would fight and you did it perfectly! Standing your ground with a righteous attitude spoke louder than words to those that had to hear you 17 times a day!! Your light shone in the darkness! Good job, Emily! Sleep well tonight and enjoy the rest of your journey! Blessings to you all!

  2. Ah yes! Thank God! Get moving on home ready. Love ya. 🙂

  3. Hooray! Great negotiating skills! I’m not sure I would have had te patience to deal with all of that. Hats off to you and safe travels!

  4. Great news, Em!! Glad you got to have a few days rest. Safe travels! Love you.

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