Journeying East- Day 7

On the road again!

We headed out of Albuquerque yesterday morning with a somber wave of goodbye to our Toyota Sienna…for now, that is. We shall see the car whom Zachary has lovingly named “Rocket” in a matter of weeks. As we drove off, he said “Bye, Rocket! Feel better soon!”. We laughed, punched in the address of our next destination and breathed a sigh of relief.  What a week!

Two minutes into our road trip, we saw the digital indication message flash across the dashboard. “Oil Change Due”. We actually found this quite amusing, although with the lack of response to my email to Ford, sharing with them the cute and ironic button to our tale, it seems they did not.

The story doesn’t really get any better than that, thank God. The rental car company had the oil changed a month ago and it wasn’t reset. So, no more nail-biting twists and turns to this particular story. Sorry to disappoint. Although, I must express my amazement at the fact that my stats page shows over 1000 hits in the past four days and I have gained ten new subscribers!  I do hope all of you aren’t expecting such cliff hangers every day!! I’m going to have to start fabricating.

We continued on to Amarillo, TX, which must have had the recent and unfortunate timing of a fertilizer delivery. As pungent as the odor was, I can deduce with quite certainty that the hotel itself is located on a crop field.

Our hotel was located right behind this...... (Now I am fabricating)

We tried our best to get an early start out today, but this whole “dressing and feeding children” thing seems to transport you into some sort of time warp in which hours pass without your knowledge.

When we began this road trip back in 2011, (at which point it seemed like a good idea) we decided to take it slow and relish in our family adventure;  Maybe just meander our way across this great country of US of A, covering four or five hours a day.

That was 2011. The 2012 Smiths are of a much different breed. Now, the thought of hours of screaming, whining, and umpteen trips to the back seat to relinquish thrown toys and dropped crackers, sounds like paradise in comparison to another nine days on the road. I have lost track of the days of the week, have received emails stating that bills are overdue as they sit in an abandoned mailbox in Jersey, we are almost out of our stock of the 48 organic fruit and veggie Plum bags we ordered from, and my  positive outlook is rapidly waning.  Zachary wakes up every morning and asks “Is this New Jersey?” And we are longing to say, “Yes, Zachary! It is!!”. We are going to attempt to cut our trip itinerary down from nine more nights to four.

However, as I write this on my blackberry, I am jolted out of my writing trance with an exasperated thud and a heavy sigh coming from my left  and my husband’s head is resting on the steering wheel.  I had become so engrossed, I had not noticed that we have been stopped on Highway 40 for quite some time.  Looking up, I see a long train of brake-lights blinking up the plains of Oklahoma for more than 5 miles. Amazing how far you can see here in these parts!

Northeast friends and family,  we’ll see you in February. Please be so kind as to open our mail and pay our bills. Or, just forward them to ____Ford.

5 responses to “Journeying East- Day 7

  1. YAY NEIGHBOR!!!! I’m gonna camp out on your doorstep right now–a case of wine in hand at the ready!!!!!

  2. I feel for you! Long trips with little ones are not easy! Torture, in fact! The best part is when you are driving so don’t have to crawl in the back for the kids 🙂 keep breathing and hang in there… You will get the eventually! Glad to hear you are back on the road!

  3. PRICELESS! Prayers continue. Be Blessed

  4. Hilarious! Hopefully you’ll make it home soon because I’m thinking (against my better judgment of which I have very little) of sending a singing telegram to —-ford with a thank you note from you with a return address of a gigantic question mark. I’m getting bored with waiting….

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