Journeying East – Day 9 – The Final Countdown!

We had a reprieve last night from the generic feel of a  hotel room, as we were welcomed with open arms into one of my dearest friend’s family home in St. Louis. It was by pure, blessed coincidence that she herself happened to be in town visiting from Seattle.  The house was all a buzz with twinkling lights, ornate trees and animated Santa Clauses, as we came on the heels of their own delayed family Christmas gathering.  The kids were in their glory to be able to finally be in the warmth of a home, and being that our Christmas was sparse and lack luster with our impending move, my heart smiled at the sight of them crawling amidst the holiday cheer.

They were babysitting their beautiful grandchild of 5 months, making it a Babyland Fun Zone!  Seeing Isabelle next to him somehow transformed her from my baby into a small child.  So strange how that happens. Once the kids were sleeping soundly, I got the rare chance to sit and have some girl time with my old friend over a bottle of wine. Definitely the highlight of our trip and a peaceful pause from the insanity!

I will say however, that we blew in like a tornado, and did not leave things as we found them, a task that is very hard when accompanied by a two-year-old, one-year-old, and a poorly trained pair of dogs. A family heirloom is broken in pieces, and a relatively new carpet is stained.  I was scolded by my husband for apologizing five too many times, and told briskly to drop it. Of course they said not to worry, but I do wish I had more control over octopus arms and leg lifting lap-dogs. What can you do?  We’re almost home. Plenty of things to ruin in our own house.

As guilty as I feel, I am so thankful for our time in St. Louis, and for our friends’ warm Welcome. Off to Columbus…back to hotel living. But if all goes as planned, it will be our last night away from the coziness of our own sheets!

Almost there!!!!  Keep the home fires burning!!!


2 responses to “Journeying East – Day 9 – The Final Countdown!

  1. Yeah, Em!! I’m so happy you had a warm welcome in St. Louis!! And, you’re almost home!! Hang in there. (oh, I forgot to tell you that I posted your site on Facebook last week…hope you’re not mad but I HAD to share it). Many of our old Maine-Endwell friends “liked” it and I had a few friends from Cincinnati and Philly who “liked” it too!! Love you. Safe travels. xoxo

  2. I love reading your posts, Em. Let me know when you’re settled into your new home. Welcome back!

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