We’re smiling because we MUST be on Candid Camera!

I hesitate to even write this.  At this point, my stories surely sound fabricated. But, because I’ve decided my main purpose for this blog is to have detailed chronicles, preserved here for my children, I will attempt to pause from the insanity that is our life this morning, and depict the most recent events.

After 14 hours of working on installing the new furnace, the guys had to call it quits last night, at 10 pm, and get some rest. Day 4 of no heat. Apparently, the new furnace was an exact replica of the old, except for it being a mirror image, everything reversed. The whole piping system had to be rerouted.

But, ok. That’s not even where I lost my sense of calm and humor. What’s one more night with no heat? It’s not coming out of our pockets.

HERE is the point at which I have reached my limit. They arrived this morning to continue their difficult task, and asked us to move our van so they could pull in. This was and hour ago. Our rental van remains idle in the driveway.  We have turned over every piece of furniture, looked in every odd corner, and dumped out every last bin of toys.

Lately, we have begun to find strange things in strange places. I.E., bobby pins in the sugar bowl. My son seems to have the most fantastic of imaginations and when asked about his placement of such objects, responds with such incredible tales, (almost as unbelievable as the one I currently tell) that we find ourselves unable to argue his reasoning. Of course the sugar needed a bobby pin! The elephant inside was stuck in the snow and needed to start his bike with it in order to get out. In that case, by all means! Here are some barrettes and rubber bands! Save Horton!!

But, no matter how many different ways we ask, Zachary has no idea where the car key is. The poor guys have to cart the old furnace down the driveway to the street by hand, and we now need to call a locksmith if we would like to vacate the freezing premises to find warmer walls. Not to mention, the 250 dollar Enterprise charge for losing for the lost key.

I do believe that if I was a follower of this blog, I may in fact unsubscribe due to the sheer annoying nature of its content.  I do apologize and will completely understand the preservation of all of your sanity by withdrawing from our journey.

With love,

Motherfog Mess!


8 responses to “We’re smiling because we MUST be on Candid Camera!

  1. You may not be on Candid Camera, but I am convinced that you and Hilary should write a book and hope it gets into the NON-fiction lists. While I consistently find myself waiting with bated breath for what will happen next, I also consistently BELIEVE it will be mind boggling, because it is your family.

  2. Em, I’m speechless. Maybe you should start a talk show? Your stories would certainly keep the audience laughing!! I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry that it’s been one thing after another. I’m glad you’re finding humor in it. Love you. xoxo

  3. MORE, MORE!! Not that I want you to experience more disaster and chaos, but your public needs these anecdotal instances of impossibility 🙂 And by the way…I will be in the greater metropolitan area of my birth state this week and I am happy to bring by the keys that Zachary left at my house.

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