Rocket Has Arrived!!!!

For those of you who are new to this blog, Rocket is our Toyota Sienna whom we abandoned in Albuquerque, NM on our way from Los Angeles to New York. He got his name from our son who stayed glued to episode after repeating episode of Disney’s Little Einsteins in an effort to save a small portion of our sanity during the epic road trip with 2 small children and 2 small dogs

If you missed the Ford/Toyota Saga, click here.

The rental car in which we continued our journey from New Mexico, is now being returned after 35 days in our possession. We’ll be sure to notify Enterprise of the punctured tire, which we have been placating for 2 weeks with a daily stop for air at the local gas station. Thankfully, the slab of metal protruding from it, only caused a slow leak and not one that left us on the side of the highway awaiting a tow truck.  I boycotted getting it fixed in a silent protest of sorts. The thought of being stuck in sub zero temperatures near downtown Newark, NJ with two children, was one that sounded rather appealing, compared to that of dealing with yet another vehicle repair.  Judge if you must.

But, it is over…

….albeit the passenger seat headrest  ____Ford promised to order and send within 10 days from the time of our original purchase. That detail was overshadowed by the slightly larger issue of a disintegrating and on-the-verge of exploding engine. But, on the way to Target this evening, my neck grew weary and longed for a cushiony reprieve.  ____Ford got a call from me today requesting it.

I have yet to hear back, but I’m sure I’m on the top of their list.
The name of that list, I shall not say.

But, our car has arrived, making our move across the country officially complete.

Now….let’s get to work!  The cost of the next catastrophe will surely be on US!!!

See?  There I go…being negative again.


6 responses to “Rocket Has Arrived!!!!

  1. I truly don’t remember it being blue!!
    Congrats on your special delivery!!

  2. Laughing right out loud at that reply. Can’t wait ot see it, but I’m the children have grown up more than the car. So glad it has a catchy name.

  3. So So glad you got it back! Hope it survives for 20 more years 🙂

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