And, that’s that.

Al, from Galpin Ford, North Hills, CA finally returned our calls.  He stated cheerfully that they believe that they have gone above and beyond and will not doing any more.   Evidently “things happen to cars” and this is nothing out of the ordinary.


We are going to look for a lawyer.  If any of you know one well versed in California Consumer Protection/Lemon Law, let me know.

The funniest part of all of this is the post-card we received in the mail today from Galpin.  It was a picture of the gentleman who sold us the Sienna, shaking hands with the owners of the auto company.  The caption read:

“Salesman of the Year”

It is displayed on our fridge for our amusement.

As for the rest of the evening.  I am going to urge my husband to attempt to let go of the angst he’s carrying as a result of the extremely heated conversation with Galpin Ford, so that we might enjoy what’s left of Valentine’s Day.  Our crazy, romantic plans?  A  Gin Rummy tournament.  Winner gets a foot massage.  If the winner is me.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


6 responses to “And, that’s that.

  1. Whaaaaaat?!

  2. Let’s see…you have NBC in your back door, right? A good reporter? Perhaps a news crew? Humm…while in the city for an audition, stop in to see them!

    I will ask my cousin who his “lemon law” attorney (in L.A.) was who won a lawsuit for him years ago. Ironically, FORD happened to be the defendant in that case, too! It took a long time but the wrong was eventually righted. If you have the time, patience, and “nerves” to do it, it may pan out. Fortunately for my cousin, he was single, had the time, had the patience (but little of it!) and had the nerves of steel to endure it. With the history of what happened to your car, I’m sure a good lawyer will tell you straight up if you have a solid case.

    Here’s the thing…IF you lose…you often end up having to pay the defendant’s attorney fees and expenses. It’s not pretty! This happened to my friend whose wife fell out of an elevator because the lift stopped several inches before it leveled equal to the door frame. Record had shown that at least two other persons also fell out of the elevator for the same reason and the elevator had not been repaired.. These folks simply started to walk out of the elevator, as we all so often do, and fell flat! NOTHING was done since the last incident to protect the next person for finding the same fate. My friend’s wife’s back injuries were substantial enough to cause great pain and expense in rehabilitating her. Guess what? A Ventura County jury found the defendant, “not guilty!” Everyone was shocked! The reason they lost: The plaintiff should have looked down before stepping UP and out of the elevator. It was her responsibility to watch where so was going! Not only did they lose the case, they had to pay their attorney and the defendant’s attorney and expenses, too! It wiped out the little savings they had. In this case, the obvious wrong wasn’t righted.

    I share this for one reason…to let you know that sometimes it’s better we let things go IF we can. If we chose to move forward at least we do so well informed of what could happen if the award is not in our favor. In any event, we sell the van!

    Blessings to you both in handling this. Life certainly can throw us lemons. Truth is, it’s often God doing the throwing to see how we react in our faithfulness to Him.. Right now I’m studying the Book of Job. That man had some issues with lemons! But, his righteous behavior and trust in the Lord were unwavering. That’s where I want to be.

    As I battle my own lemons in my life, I find this study increasingly encouraging as sometimes that’s the road we are on. “Lemon Lane” will always take us down “Righteous Way” when we let it. I pray so for all of us!

    I’ll get the name of that attorney. ❤ Judy

  3. That really stinks. The only thing is that didn’t they spend somewhere around $20,000 on that whole deal with all of the food, hotel, rental vehicle for a 6 weeks, an engine…? What is it that they are saying? They won’t honor the warranty for a new transmission? or they won’t let you out of the deal completely?…Boy- I really don’t know what is right. On one hand, once you have a new transmission, you pretty much have a new car. On the other, you’re not feeling safe in it because so much has gone wrong with it in the 3 weeks that you actually had it in your posession since you bought it…rough one…sorry.

  4. yep. Lemon law. You should have a case. that sucks big time! Hope you get it figured out. I will poke around to see if I can find any lawyer recommendations in your area. Don’t let them get away with this, they are hoping you will just go away…. oh how wrong they are. `good luck!

  5. Did you put that guy’s postcard on a dart-board yet? Just sayin’…

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