Knowledge is Powerlessness

One of the major issues that plagues me on a daily basis as a Mother is that of nutrition and instilling healthy eating habits. With every meal, snack and morsel laid in front of my children, lies a twitch (or sometimes a violent shove) of doubt about my choices.

These days, this issue is more complicated than in previous decades.  All you have to do is ensure a balanced diet, enriched with fruits and vegetables, right? Great!  Just be sure to set aside post-bedtime hours for preparation, so that nutritious items are readily available and able to be thrown on the table, lickity split, and you’re good to go!  Check off the “healthy nutrition” portion on the parenting checklist!

Jessica Seinfeld’s book “Deceptively Delicious” has many great and nutritious ideas, however the book is lacking a shipment of her nanny and spacious, fully equipped kitchen. Her “quick and easy” recipes are not so quick and easy without such luxuries. That said, I still recommend the book for inspiration and to those who excel at planning ahead. And definitely to those who have nannies and spacious, fully equipped kitchens. Please enjoy the art of cooking without children screaming under boiling burners and tugging at your pant legs until you are running around the kitchen in your underwear!

But, this issue goes beyond lack of time and money, leaving even those with ample funds in the toxic lurch with the rest of us.  While diets chock-full of colorful produce used to be the most key factor in the health of our bodies, things are now not so black and white.

I have always believed that knowledge is power, and have taken to the bookstores, internet health sites and doctor’s offices for thorough investigation, only to feel more POWERLESS with each new discovery.   The article below was sent to me from a friend (video attached), and its content makes me want to throw in the dish-towel on the whole thing. We are bombarded weekly with new findings concerning the toxicity of our toys and foods.  Many of us, like myself rush off to health food stores to stock our cupboards with “Organic” labeled items in a panicked attempt to shield our families from growing cancers and developmental issues.  However, this story tells us that even emptying our savings accounts on pricey “natural” groceries does not protect us from these poisons in our environment.

I urge you to read the article or watch the 3 minute video, but my teaser will tell you that a leading ORGANIC formula (one that we attempted to give our daughter a couple of times with thankfully no success) contains high levels of organic and inorganic arsenic.

The question is, if we can’t trust companies that are supposed to be known for their commitment to the health and well-being of our babies, with supposed painstaking compilations of natural ingredients, who can we trust?  What do we serve? And what on this earthly planet can we eat?!

Ford/Toyota Chronicle followers:

The new transmission is in the Sienna, but the computer that operates the gears has now failed, and therefore needs to be replaced.  Under warranty, of course!  A lawyer wants to take our case.  However, this would require frequent trips back to CA for arbitration.   If we are to win, we pay nothing, but should we lose, attorney fees are all on us.  The stress of all of these things has us giving up and hoping for the best.  A sage cleanse is perhaps in order for Rocket!

4 responses to “Knowledge is Powerlessness

  1. Holy crap. On all accounts.
    On the organic issue…I feel as though the push for “going organic” has been overly trendy and influenced by factors in the media, especially in Hollywood. As an attempt to meet consumer demand, “organic” companies are forced to speed up production and distribution, which only lends itself to unsafe working environments and undoubtedly an inorganic, compromised product. Soooo, in a nutshell, I feel as though even though you are buying organic, you really don’t know what you’re gettin’.
    On the Sienna issue….I will say again: holy crap. But take the case, as long as the attorney is sound and accomplished. You have a good shot. Lordy, you guys may never buy a car again after this whole ordeal.

    • Very well said, my friend. I agree. Scary, though. The car….I don’t know. It’s still in the shop. I’m taking a vacation from thinking about it at all. it’s annoying. beyond annoying. xoxox

  2. I’m right with you on the education about food. I’ve always been into researching food, nutrition, and agricultural issues. Our family eats only organic and vegetarian because the creepy chemicals approved for use in food without testing horrify me, and the way businesses treat the animals who become meat is disgusting.

    That said, I’ve had to stop reading. Buy only local, organic, whole food. Okay, sure. We don’t do cans because of BPA. We don’t do corn syrup because of the pesticides and mercury. But all fresh, whole, local food costs a fortune and takes a long time to prep. My kids are killing each other while I cook, so I cook at 10pm, then stay up later to write or edit.

    Car seats, toys, food, shampoo, soap…phthalates, parabens, pesticides, rocket fuel…it’s all killing us. I just have to put my head in the sand now.

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