Garbage Day Remix

This is 100% NOT what our recycling depot looks like, FYI

As some of you know, my first entry was written in a somewhat psychotic hysteria over the diabolical effect Los Angeles garbage trucks had on my son, and subsequently our precariously balanced nap time routine.  I grabbed my blackberry and frantically typed through my (possibly overly dramatic) tears, and voila! “Motherfog” was born into this world, drastically altering the lives of 50 or so readers!  (My posts have done that, no?)  God bless the Los Angeles Sanitation Department! For those yearning for a trip down memory lane, click here to revisit “Garbage Day.”

Well, I found it ever so apropos, that one of the major points of contention upon our arrival in Northern New Jersey, was that of disposing of our garbage, more specifically the recycling.  I never dreamed that I would long for the green, blue and black bins and their mechanical counterparts, with all of their monstrous groans, growls and sleep disturbing clanks!

But, we drove across the country, I made a call to the town’s Public works Department to set up the service, and was given a litany of instructions and a fat text book recitation of rules and regulations.  The 20 minute phone call contained information I absorbed in fragments, but something about having to purchase “toters” to the tune of 150 dollars rings a bell.  Also, there are certain days of the month for each kind of material and one must know which of these materials will be picked up on which date, and how they have to be packaged in order to be permitted on the truck. I got the sense that the drivers use litmus paper to test each and every item and it’s chemical properties before toting it away.  She may have said that if an item gets placed erroneously, your house gets egged, but it’s also possible that that’s a Rozek exaggeration.  I don’t want to find out.  I ended the call with an “um…ok” and enrolled in a class so that I may learn the scientific laws and compositions of plastics, paper, and glass and how each reacts with the Earth’s Atmosphere. (Another possible Rozek exaggeration, but I do like school.)

But it became clear that we would most certainly drown in corrugated cardboard before the course was complete. This issue plagued me almost as much as the quest for employment and health insurance. I’m working on prioritizing my worries.

After about a month, we ventured to the recycling depot, our rental car (do we drive anything else these days?) filled to the brim with
empty bottles, cans and cartons. Through the rear view mirror, two little blonde heads poked out between flattened cardboard as we drove the quarter of a mile to the yard, ready to take on the challenge of freeing ourselves from our used, but reusable garbage.

I must admit that on that day, my life was forever changed! (Much like that of my readers on “Motherfog’s” birthday.) Not only is the town’s Public Works Department staffed with the most friendly and helpful workers in the state, it should also be the next hot spot for children’s birthday parties!

Apparently, one may choose to opt out of the pricey and annoyingly structured one-day-a-month pick up option, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, simply take their recycling to the yard themselves. I must tell you that this has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine.  There is something deliciously satisfying about loading up the car with the junk that multiplies like gremlins in my kitchen and on the back porch, tossing it into labeled trucks and piles, and watching as it gets crushed beneath gigantic walls of metal!  Oh my goodness! I can’t wait until next Tuesday!  My husband feels that the extent of my excitement over this activity is borderline creepy, but I’m certain he enjoys our spick and span blue bins, rarely overflowing, and doesn’t care to admit it.

In conclusion, this conundrum that hung over our heads for a month, turned out to have a better solution than I could have imagined!  No cacophonous nap nixing noon-times, and an exciting past time for Mommy!

So, going further….that must mean that the conundrum of employment and health benefits surely has an equally exciting solution!  A job is on the way!

Perhaps at the Public Works department!

What say you to a rip-roaring recycling shindig this Tuesday at 11 AM at the Recycling Depot?!

Ford/Toyota Chronicle Followers:

Still no car.  Toyota has put in a third transmission, fresh out of the box and still can’t get the car to shift properly.  While attempting to upload the car’s computer information directly from the vehicle to Toyota’s National Headquarter’s Engineers for diagnostics, the internet server went down at the dealership.  We are told by Toyota that they can do nothing until the system is restored.  Galpin is refusing to pay for our rental car from this point forward, claiming that it is Toyota’s responsibility.  Upon making the inquiry about what happens if our car (still under factory warranty)  CANNOT be fixed, Toyota talks in circles and gives no answer and Galpin says we have a lemon law suit.  Interesting for Galpin to admit that, you say?   I agree.  The kicker?  They tell me the suit is against Toyota.  It seems that neither Ford nor Toyota feel responsible.  I honestly don’t know who is responsible, but I DO know who is NOT responsible.  Motherfog Family.


11 responses to “Garbage Day Remix

  1. I seriously glare everytime I pass by a Toyota! Which means I glare a lot…

  2. Not sure if I can stop laughing long enough to type this…love the sarcastic reference to the dozens of us who read.
    Oooooh how I hate the naptime garbage trucks. I’m glad in our new ‘hood they come at 7am. Boys are already up and generally terrorizing me by that time, so nice distraction.
    So glad a trip to the bins is easier than pickup. Yay for functional outings that children tolerate!

  3. So glad the recycling and garbage issue has worked itself out, but the darn Galpin Ford thing is ridiculous!!! What the heck! I would make darn sure that no one goes back to that place for ANYTHING ever again! Have you contacted the Vetter Business Bureau? Ugh!!

    • I know. Crazy. but now I’m not sure they are to blame for all of this. Toyota is the company that has the car under warranty. Galpin screwed up big time with the engine issue, but they have pays almost 20,000 dollars to rectify that. Now, I think it’s another ball of wax altogether. I don’t know. Let’s see what this week brings!

  4. Emily, I have to say writing is a gift for you. I am eager to see how the Car Chronicles end up, but if I had to wager money….you guys have some compensation coming your way. This blog is a breath of fresh air and piece of mind for ANY mother/parent that exists today. Being able to find common ground and know that “you aren’t the only one” in trying times with life’s challenges really helps people cope with what comes their way day to day. Keep up the good writing Em.


  5. I find it amazing that curbside recycling is not a simple, routine occurence in all communities. Luckily you aren’t experiencing menacing garbage trucks at naptime anymore, though. I hope the car situation gets worked out soon for you!
    As a mom of 5 children (all two years apart) I went through quite a hazy decade in my life. I have been enjoying your blog and felt it only right that I finally leave a comment.

    • Rita! 5 two years apart! Wow.. God Bless you! Do you often read my posts and think “what is she whining about?” Thanks so much for your comment. It is so appreciated! And i’m overjoyed to hear that you are enjoying my entries.

      • Your posts never sound like whining. The number of kids one has does not give more credibility to the joys and/or frustrations of mothering – it may just provide a few more amusing anecdotes to share.

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