Horror Story, Anyone?

From a very young age, I have had an extremely overactive imagination. And one that goes beyond the realm of cerebral pictures and passing thoughts, and straight into my cells as if all that’s conjured is as real as the racing heart it creates. The last horror movie I saw was in 1987 and images from it continue to eerily dance and taunt me whenever they catch wind of the rare occasions on which I lack company after sundown.

The scenario that has always sent the most frigid chills up my spine, is that of the best friend, sister or parent, after three hours of trusting camaraderie, being unveiled as the demon or serial killer.  Even as I write this, I take brief pauses to look behind me with caution, expecting to see my husband with red eyes and an open mouth screech, holding a hatchet and a satanic symbol. (I began to google “satanic symbol” in order to add specificity to my writing, but I could not bring myself to type those words into the search bar for fear of opening an evil portal.)


So, with this background information, please understand the complete emotional breakdown that occurred this afternoon, and don’t judge me as harshly as those who man the phones at dealerships in the states of California, New Mexico and New jersey.

I can honestly say that when this car debacle began 60 days ago, I stayed relatively calm.  Clear, deliberate and emphatic about what needed to be done, but calm and collected. There was nary a screaming match or a curse word uttered. (Not on the phone, anyway)

But, today…my goodness….. today…..
I LOST IT.   COMPLETELY LOST IT.  The raging monster within was unleashed after two months of captivity. Horror of horrors!

I mentioned in previous posts, that the Toyota dealership in Albuquerque, where our engine nearly exploded, was the haven to which we ran. They were the good guys joining the good fight against the evil doers at Galpin Ford of California. I even titled one of my posts “My Friend Tim“, referring to the dealership’s service manager. They took our hands, held our babies and assured us that they were our saviors in this nightmare of a tale.

However, as many of you know, 48 hours after receiving our car back from Albuquerque Toyota, fresh with a new engine, radiator, and a long list of other  engine related components, to the tune of 10,000 dollars, the transmission died in the middle of the highway, as Rocket carried the precious cargo of my Husband and two babies.

After nearly three weeks and three new transmissions, New Jersey Toyota was coming up short. Finally, upon connecting with the Japanese engineers via internet, they discovered that the radiator installed by Albuquerque Toyota was faulty and shooting metal shrapnel through the system, destroying each transmission.  Toyota refused to cover the new radiator because for some reason, Albuquerque Toyota, although a Toyota dealership, did not use a Toyota certified radiator.

Up until this news, our rental vehicle had been paid for, along with all parts and service.  So our main concern was getting the car up and running safely, no matter how long it took.  But, all companies cut the cord of their assistance at the same time, leaving us to watch as 60 dollars a day would begin to take flight out of the window with no real time frame for completion.

THIS was the reason for my screaming and yelling. Not the four million other back asswards things that have gone wrong since the purchase of our Sienna on December 17th, 2011, not the childish finger-pointing all three parties have been doing, insisting that they themselves are not at fault, and not the countless hours a day we have spent on the phone and awaiting return calls.

On basic principle, I refuse to see even two dollars of this mess come out of our pockets. It’s just not OK. The full time job that dealing with all of this has become should be providing us with a six figure salary AT LEAST!

In conclusion (as if there is any chance in hell this will actually be the conclusion) we were able to get the extended warranty to cover the radiator.  Shocking, as they have found every reason in the book to weasel out of paying for anything else. And, although the service manager at New Jersey Toyota thinks I am a horrible human being, fresh out of his own worst nightmares, my demonic phone call did result in a free loaner vehicle while Rocket undergoes his fifth or sixth open heart surgery.

This vehicle just so happens to be…….

A Toyota Sienna.

How’s that for a nail-biting cliff hanger?

As I did get carried away in my own story telling with this entry, I feel it needs to be said that I believe that Tim at Albuquerque Toyota is not a demon. Nor are the guys here in Jersey. And, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that even those at Galpin Ford are not evil either.  In my heart of hearts, I don’t believe any of these people did anything purposefully and knowingly wrong, and all parties have gotten burned. Galpin the most. I believe they have shelled out 19,000 dollars for this mess. But, although unfortunate for all parties involved, I’m standing firm that it has affected us the most.

We should all meet at a midpoint spiritual retreat center, hold hands, raise our voices in a harmonious rendition of Kumbaya, beg for forgiveness, and pray for the end of all pain and suffering.

Until then, for the love of all things Sacred and Holy, someone…..PLEASE just fix the freakin’ car!


12 responses to “Horror Story, Anyone?

  1. Every time you add another chapter to this horrific saga, I am seriously flabbergasted. I mean, you COULD NOT make this up. I find myself getting so angry on your behalf. Seriously, my heart is racing as I type this as I get all riled up!! I’m glad that at least the rental car is covered; there is no way you should be paying a dime after all that’s happened. Wow. Seriously, just wow.

  2. I cannot believe no one has offered to step in and help! And, what does this tell people regarding warranties? That they’re a useless and wasted expense? Crazy! I’m so proud of the way you’re handling this! Love you tons!

    • Not completely a wasted expense, but an annoying one. They have covered some things after a lot of hassle, but the fine print seems to say things like “if one is wearing red, the day on which this contract is signed, any component beginning with the letter “R” will not be covered”. I think it says something like that. Who reads the fine print?

  3. Oh Em, i have no words……I pray for the light at the end of the tunnel to shine brightly on you and your family! You find such humor in all this and that helps though I am sure you are at the end of your rope more than you let on..lol…sending hugs

  4. Hopefully Rocket’s surgery team will set everything straight this time, use a Toyota certified radiator, and not unintentionally do any new harm. Do they have one of those viewing rooms available to watch car surgeries like they have at hospitals? I am sure if they would just let you supervise the entire thing it would prevent any further problems. Don’t you think?

  5. Really? I mean REALLY!! This is so painfully ridiculous! It is painful to read about and I can only imagine the rage you have. I am impressed it took this long for you to loose it. I would have lost it the from day 1. I hope they are finally able to fix it… And I hope your able to drive it again fear free. Deep breaths. This too shall pass.

  6. Emily, this truly is a nightmare. Worse than any movie I have seen. A couple of things and being the ongoing saga this is I am sure you have already thought of this, but, you SHOULD NOT have to pay a dime for this. These problems that have occurred could have easily injured and God forbid done worse to your family and that’s not right. In the end of this, SOMEONE needs to compensate you not just dollar for dollar but this is taxing on the soul, taxing mentally and emotionally. Dollar for dollar compensation is the LEAST they can do. And whether Galpin workers are evil or not, don’t let the money they have shelled out for this fool you…..they are getting back from the manufacturer don’t you worry. Now, I am not one of those “lawsuit happy” freaks but this is grounds to follow through and get back EVERYTHING that is rightfully yours…..including your sanity. Keep up the good fight…..and the hysterical writing. 🙂

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