Etched in the Sand

Etched into the sand of each person’s life, are markers that signify profound change; Events that re-map the course of the journey. Some are dealt an over abundance of these markers and others, one or two. But all of us, at one point or another will face what forces us to shed the old and walk forward in the unfamiliar new. Resist it as we may, all must roll with the tide.

Tragedies happen. Losses happen. And we are never the same, for better and for worse.

It’s tempting to become victims of our circumstance, and while I believe there is a grace period during which we are allowed to drown ourselves in sadness and grief, and it is imperative to take  time to do just that, we then have to move into acceptance, carry on, and find the good that our experiences can create.

I received this picture last night as a precious gift from a friend. Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the loss of her twin baby boys, Kaden and Ethan.  Throughout the day, my thoughts never strayed from her family.  When this chimed into my inbox, I lost myself in the image, and after several minutes I found it difficult to lift my gaze from it. It seems that her thoughts were with us as well, as our lives were changed in the same way, four years ago today.

She had this made as a thank-you for the support I have offered her this past year. What she doesn’t realize, is the significance of the gift she has already given in accepting that support. Much healing comes from holding someone else’s hand and guiding them along the path on which we have already tread.

Although I held my first-born only for brief moments, the ripple of her life continues to affect our lives and the lives of others, along with Kaden and Ethan, and all of the other precious angels whose names are etched in the sand.


8 responses to “Etched in the Sand

  1. Heather Vincent Larkin



  2. Here’s to all the beautiful butterflies who left us for a higher purpose.

  3. your beauty and grace in even the toughtest of times is amazing! Keep giving the gifts to others! xo

  4. What a beautiful tribute to the little angels that had left us and to your little angel!

  5. Emotion overwhelms me as I read this thinking of all the little angels that have left too soon.

  6. Thank you all for reading and for these beautiful comments. I am cutting and pasting a comment from a family friend who lost her daughter at the age of 25. She is a pillar of strength and I cannot ever say I understand her pain. This comment that she left on facebook needs to be shared here and she is having trouble posting it on this site.

    “Em, this is so beautifully written, and I sit here with tears running down my cheeks wondering why this has to happen to us, why are we the “choosen” ones to ride this roller coaster of grief. I know, as you do also, that we might never know the answer to that question. None of life’s experiences prepare anyone for times like this, to lose a child. We are woman who have drunk from the chalice of so many before us, and sadly many more to follow us. We have joined a sorority woman and found instant friendship and a sense of belonging and we will help other navigate these unfamiliar waters as you have done with your friend. And in time, our melancholy refrain will be tucked away and we find new joy and new life, still remembering our children gone to soon, but knowing they would want us to share their memories and think of the happy times, even if only the meeting was a moment long. You were there for us when we needed a song and a friend, I hope the little support I gave back to you through the miles helped. You will be forever in my heart Em as another daughter. hugz Marilyn”

  7. You undoubtedly make Kennedy proud everyday. love you dear friend. Katie

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