An Easter Tale

In honor of the upcoming Holiday, I shall tell this story using furry, nibbling, nose-twitching characters.  These bunny rabbits are my family. My loving, dynamic, never-a-dull-moment family. All play a starring role in this story.  With the exception of yours truly, as I was starring in a concert in St. Louis, hundreds of miles from where the events took place. Allow me to introduce you…..

The participating members are my three older sisters and my Mother. They are, in this order:

Ma Rabbit

Once upon last weekend….

My husband and I decided we might be ready to leave the kids overnight for the very first time. He had never seen this concert I’ve been flitting off here and there to perform in, and wouldn’t it be fun to get away together for the first time in 2 and a half years?

As we would never dream of piling the responsibility of two high maintenance dogs and two equally demanding toddlers onto just one, we enlisted the joined forces of Ma Rabbit and Mopsy to come stay in our home to divvy up the needs of all four.

I felt only a tad guilty requesting the aid of middle sister, Mopsy, as it would mean leaving her own litter of six, but she graciously obliged because she is quite an easy-going and adventurous little bunny.  With six, wouldn’t you have to be? Besides that, Flopsy’s fur does not mix well with that of my pups, and Cotton-tail was just about finished cooking her own bunny in the oven.

So, with the spring breeze kissing our babies’ cheeks on the front porch, we drove off to the airport with a bittersweet wave and a sigh of amazement at how long it had been since we had been anywhere without adorably needy company.

We settled into our hotel that evening and just as the unsettling buzz of peace and quiet was about to burst through our ear drums, a text beeped in from an ever-so-swollen Cotton-tail. It said:

“Labor has begun. Please send Mom”

Now, I must explain that we live in New Jersey, just on the other side of the Hudson. Cotton-tail resides in Queens. On a map, the distance looks minimal, 24 or 25 miles, but at closer inspection one realizes that the trip entails traversing over and through bridges, tunnels and Manhattan traffic. Possibly not as daunting for frequent city-goers, but more than slightly foreboding to a small-town, 70-year-old Rabbit, even if she does pull off a pair of skinny jeans and heals with more grace and style than any of her four, thirty-somethings daughters.    But, off she went at 3:00 a.m., to the aid of her little Cott0n-tail to care for her other two grand bunnies while they awaited the arrival of their new brother!

Listening to her tell the story is troubling, and one breathes sighs of relief that she is indeed in plain view, able to recount the tale herself.  She had no cash, thus no way to pay tolls, and had never, up until this middle-of-the-night adventure, driven in the city.

She had to reverse her car through toll-booth lanes due to a misunderstanding of what “X” means, had to attempt to explain where her lost turnpike ticket disappeared to (I still don’t understand this part as she retrieved it minutes prior), and when asked where she got on the turnpike, her nerves erased any knowledge pertaining to that answer.

Once impending births were explained, and tolls were deferred, she found herself at 4:00 a.m. in Manhattan.  She now was faced with the next obstacle of getting across town to the Midtown Tunnel, exiting  Manhattan on the other side.

Angry taxi cabs flanked her stick-shift vehicle with honks, crude gestures and classic New York City impatience as her GPS chastised her with an ever-repeating “re-calculating, re-calculating, re-calculating” with every blasted missed turn.  (“Blasted” – direct Ma Rabbit quote)

By the grace of God, she pulled into the driveway of Cotton-tail’s residence just in time to relieve the babysitter at 5 am.  Flopsy, sister number one, may have beaten her there, although she had to travel from upstate 350 miles.

Ma Rabbit’s only statements at that time were “I can’t believe I didn’t cry.  I have always been sure I would NEVER drive into the city and now I am even more sure that I will NEVER do it again!”

I have since fetched her car from Queens and driven it back to New Jersey where it will remain until she arrives via train to come drive it home to her barely populated hamlet, with no toll-booths, tunnels, and mean people.

Cotton-tail hypnobirthed 7 lb, 5 oz baby bunny number three into a hospital bathtub of water at 6:07 am without the aid of a single pain reliever.  Glory be! Nice Work, Cotton-tail!  You are inspiring!  Although, just for the record, I too used hypnobirthing.  I found the meditative state very helpful as they inserted the epidural needle up my spine.

Flopsi and Ma Rabbit watched over her two, while Mopsy flew solo, effortlessly balancing the undertaking of our four with nary a hiccup.  Makes me question what on earth my problem is!

I don’t know who is the greatest heroine of this tale.  All names belong above the title, for sure.

I do however, know it is not I.

Even with the lavish 102 piece orchestral event, St. Louis was uneventful in comparison.

Welcome to the Litter,

Carmine Cristiano Arena!

I do believe you hit the jackpot of Bunny families!

For those who are familiar with my family and are interested in a character key, see below.

Rozek Rabbit Key
Flopsy – Kassie
Mopsy – Hilary
Cotton-tail – Marcie
Ma Rabbit – Ma Rabbit


26 responses to “An Easter Tale

  1. Lol! Beautiful! You left out the part at 3am the next morning when flopsy had to stop at a quickmart for bags of pretzels and Swedish fish to prevent herself from running mopsy into a guardrail along 81 as her litter slept in cozy beds full of chips and Popsicle wrappers awaiting her arrival home…

  2. Having witnessed Mopsi effortless handle a room full of out of control 5-7 year olds (my own included), I am not surprised that she handled it all solo with no difficulty! Carmine has definitely hit the jack pot!

  3. Heather Vincent Larkin

    No character key necessary…I would recognize Flopsi, Mopsi and Cotton tail anywhere! And as for Ma Rabbit…love her to pieces. Such a brave, brave rabbit she is!

    Well written, Em…always an adventure.


  4. Beautifully written, Em. Ma & Pa Rabbit deserve alot of credit for birthing the original incredible litter! And yes Ma CAN still rock a pair of skinny jeans! Love and Happy Easter to all…and welcome to the world Carmine Cristiano Arena!

  5. Love it Em! congrats on the new addition to your family! You have such a way with words…I truely enjoy reading. As for what you feel your problem is… have two kiddos very close in age, and kids are different for their parents, Mine are! Angels for others, demons for not really, but I feel that way sometimes. You are a wonderful parent and those kids are lucky to have YOU!

  6. Being Ma Rabbit’s neighbor–can I just say how I am so proud of her!! I give her credit for not crying–what strength!! Enjoy reading your blog–your mom encourages me to read it often!

  7. Great story! Lovely new baby 🙂

  8. Very cute, Em!! Congrats Marcie 🙂 xo

  9. You have a gift Emily with your writing, I could picture these characters in action perfectly! I love analogy of the rabbits–did you know that Erin and I have a collection of them as stuffed animals? It was our mother’s Easter tradition for us when we were little. Congrats to the whole family on the newest addition! xo

  10. What an enjoyable read. What an amazing family you all are. You had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I can’t believe how Sandy handled the drive and all. She’s a great mom and has passed the dedication on to her daughters, that’s for sure. You are all terrific moms. Congrats to the Enzo family and all. I always look forward to your blogs, Emily. Since my computer has been out of commission I have been going to the library to get my mail and peek at facebook. I can see people kind of looking at me as I laugh or “oh no”” while reading your blog. Keep ’em coming. Love to all. Betty

  11. How fabulous is your mom! I’m with her on having no desire to drive in NYC. Glad all worked out okay and all she is left with is a fantastic story to tell about her adventure. I was quite happy to hear that the saga during your trip to perform this time had nothing to do with you – as I am sure you probably were too. No need for a repeat of the Vancouver trip was it? Congrats to Marcie! What a precious baby boy.

  12. Rosalie Grady

    I talked with Mother Rabbit while she was bunny sitting and could testify to the mother- daughter talent for telling the antics of the bunnies so humorously that makes the entire family ” nose- twitching” fascinating.

  13. Rosalie, I love your “bunny sitting” coinage. I think I’ll use that one again. Or should I call you “Mrs. Grady?” That sounds so much more story book like. Heather, I love reading all your comments. Your were all such “youngens” when we went through our various “bunny tales,” that I never got to appreciate your incredible writing skills. This blogging really must be capitalized upon for a “Writers Workship” book-authoring project.
    And Kim, how do you remain anonymous when you sign your name?

    The only really anonymous character seems to be little blue-jacketed Peter – always in mischievous pursuits. Thank goodness the rest of us know how to stay out of trouble! (everyone, cross your fingers and toes)

    Ma Rabbit

  14. Muchos Gracias for your blog article.Really looking forward to read more.

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