Did you know this?

I am not the best blogger when it comes to enmeshing myself in the blogging community. When I first began writing Motherfog, I hungrily begged for advice from internet strangers on how to get it out there.  Once I learned that it required reading dozens of blogs and leaving comments on them for the sole purpose of dropping my own link, it no longer seemed all that important to me.  I therefore read about three blogs, and only comment if I feel compelled to say something in response to the actual writer.  Perhaps this will keep me from becoming the next top blogger.  Perhaps, that is OK.   I enjoy writing and I enjoy the few blogs I squeeze out the time to read.

I have to share this post from one of these bloggers because it is shocking and upsetting to me.  I may live under a rock, but I was unaware of the discriminating policies of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America.  If you read Steve’s (the blogger) comment thread, he has a good point that the organization offers many positive values.   I agree, as I have many fond memories of my green beret days, but I’m not sure I could turn a blind eye to something so outwardly discriminating.

By the time Zachary and Isabelle are old enough to join, hopefully this issue will be as antiquated to the founders as it is to me.

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2 responses to “Did you know this?

  1. Hi Emily, as Steve mentioned in a reply comment to you on his blog, the Girl Scouts are an entirely separate organization and do not have the same policy. There was a bit of a dust up a while back concerning a transgender child, that probably could have been handled better…

    It IS very frustrating that such a generally worthwhile organization as the Boy Scouts would embrace such a misinformed, archaic policy. But, we can only hope that they will catch up with the times and embrace what is right sooner rather than later.

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