Don’t Mess with the Mayans

I must bravely confess that I have developed somewhat of a Facebook obsession. For someone who resisted the social media platform for quite some time, I have certainly become enmeshed it its disturbingly addictive snare.

There are some deeper reasons for this, I believe. I’m quite certain that it stems from the lack of security in our current situation that has driven me to seek out external validation in the form of “she’s adorable” comments on my daughter’s picture or a long list of “likes” above a video of my son, or on a new blog post. Yet, while I am aware of the unhealthy nature of this craving, I’m not quite ready to sober up and journey through the twelve steps. Forgive me for my weakness.

But, something occurred during these past two weeks that forced me into rehab for an excruciating, chill- inducing, and vomitous bout in the detox room. I began to notice that none of my updates were getting any attention at all. Not pictures, videos or most importantly, Motherfog blog entries.

I stated months ago, quite dramatically that I would not continue to link my entries to my page.  Some of you subscribed, most others called my bluff.  I quickly realized that 90 percent of my readers came from Facebook itself and unless I wanted to write into a void, I needed to continue to use Facebook for what it does best and self promote.

Well, normally when I link an entry, my WordPress stats page shows a considerable amount of hits in the first twenty minutes. Not that I’m checking obsessively or anything. I mean, come on. This blog is for me and me alone. It doesn’t matter how many people read and comment or don’t comment.

So naturally, It did not phase me in the slightest when I posted my last few entries and saw only a mere handful of clicks. Whatever. Who cares?  I didn’t spiral into a delusional state of believing there was a massive “event” called “Ban Emily Rozek’s Page” created by an angry mob, tired of my narcissistic Facebook usage of only posting and receiving comments while rarely leaving thoughts on the pages of others. Of course not! Only someone in need of drastic psychological assistance would come to such paranoid conclusions. Sheesh!

I did however investigate. After my breathing slowed to normal and the shaking stopped, I discovered that there has been a Facebook glitch on some accounts that has kept any updates from being fed to the home news feed. My page was among that unfortunate group.  Therefore, all posts were invisible. Well, invisible to those who don’t have post-its on their laptops or smart phones reminding them to visit Emily Rozek’s page.  Which surprisingly, is a large percentage of people.

I read through pages of threads, people’s anger and frustration steaming off the screen. I could practically hear the slamming of fists into walls as they lamented into thin air.  Complaining to Facebook personnel is as futile as posting Facebook updates to a page that is invisible to the news feed.

No one is listening.

I actually chuckled at the most brilliant social experiment I have yet to witness. I can hardly wait to find out the object of the experiment and its conclusion.  Maybe it’s all linked to December 21st, 2012.  That’s it!  The Mayans created Facebook!

I digress. Unlike many others on those threads, my problem was fixed with a reluctant adoption of Facebook’s new Timeline format, which I had been slyly boycotting.

“Ha!  I’ll show them!”, I thought. “They think they can make me switch to a stupid new layout…ha!” I say again!


Well, they can, and they did. New Timeline it is. I need my fix.  And they know it. Don’t mess with the Mayans.


All those who “like” or comment are enablers….and I love you.

18 responses to “Don’t Mess with the Mayans

  1. I love all your posts! However, one point you haven’t considered is that some of us aren’t savvy enough to respond to them without screwing up a lengthy reply and somehow deleting it! I’ve done that several times. So, I decided I was meant to enjoy and savor each of your blogs without tainting them with my own crooked perception of the world. Don’t stop writing! These give us many an entertaining hour with the mom’s at the dance studio!

    • Why, thank you Hilary. You are kind. As for the difficulty in posting comments…i don’t think it has anything to do with not being savvy. A few people have told me that their comments don’t show up here. Annoying. If someone is going to take the time to comment, I certainly want to read it!

  2. You have been enabled!

  3. So glad you are still writing! I love reading your posts 🙂

  4. What cracks me up is that I can see your face and hear your voice in my mind when I read your blogs. It’s as though you and your Dad are sitting right next to me. Count me as a forever enabler and keep ’em coming…but don’t mess with the Mayans!

  5. My facebook habit was relatively healthy but I still think it stemmed from the psychological loneliness of parenting alone full time. So I quit . It has been 5 months. I’ve visited once to promote my brother’s new company and that’s it.

    it feels much better, for me anyway, to just call people now.

    • glad you kicked the habit, Christine. I have known a few to do that and they end up right back on in a matter of days or weeks. I agree that it is better to communicate on the phone, or better yet, face to face….but I have adopted an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em attitude” Most people I know only communicate through facebook or texts. Voicemails are even a thing of the past. Makes me sad.

  6. I feel a bit sheepish to admit I subscribed to the blog so I could get my own fix. Your posts are like “visits to the water cooler” for me when I am working from home – often late at night – with no one to interact with. So, please keep enabling my need for some distractions and I will continue to enable you by posting comments. 🙂

  7. I love your posts and know that validation helps in those times when you most need a pick me up! You provide us with entertainment but also as a mother you help make me and I am sure many realize that life is crazy and we are not abnormal in our reactions or struggles! Keep it going no matter who validates you by likes or comments…you are reaching many and straight to the heart! love ya

    • Why, thank you Erica! This means so much. It’s comments like these that keep me writing. Thank you for that. and I have to stop by your blog! I try to subscribe so it send me emails, but it doesn’t work?? help!

  8. Heather Vincent Larkin

    I tried to respond from my phone days ago but, no such luck. From one FB addict to another…keep ’em coming.

  9. Emily,
    Hi I am a student of Erin Dilly and she told me about your blog. So I have read some. The whole validation through Facebook…..I get it! Brava to you for this creative outlet, journey, etc. So inspiring!!!

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