What Happened to My 20’s?

No. Seriously. What happened to my 20’s? I don’t mean this in a nostalgic “they went by too fast, I miss them” sort of way.  I mean, according to the Business of Show, they never happened. I have been jipped. Bamboozled. Short-changed. Tricked.

Allow me to explain. I graduated from college and shortly after, joined the cast of a little skit called “Annie Get Your Gun”.  Don’t fact check me, but I believe the role I was hired to portray was 16 or 17. I was 22.

Ok. Not a huge stretch. But, throughout the remainder of my 20-somethings, I was told repeatedly I looked too young for the all-too-plentiful roles of characters in their 20’s. I was also often told that my youthful look was not synonymous with my mature and somewhat forward and abrasive demeanor. This impression of being a bit hard is a current theme even still, which baffles me as I view myself as a big pile of sappy mush. But the overcompensation for my insecurities and hence facade of (sometimes) overbearing confidence is not the point of this story.  Moving on…

After years of being unable to play my own age, I came to peace with the conundrum and looked forward to my 30’s.  A decade in which I would finally grow into my 20’s. It must work that way, no?  Wouldn’t all of the decades just shift, giving me an extra ten Golden Years?

Nope. I turned 35 last weekend.  On my actual birthday, I had an audition to play a woman in her 40’s. I made some sort of joke (as I often do when nervous) about being excited to celebrate my 25th. The comment was met with boisterous laughter from those behind the table.

Um….when did this happen?  When did I all of a sudden become the middle-aged woman who cracks jokes about being young and instead of responses of confusion, wins jovial hysterics?  I am under no illusion that I have the face of a 25-year-old, but is it that funny?

I blame the children.

But, don’t get me wrong. I also thank the children.  The feathers near my crow’s-feet aren’t really all that ruffled. I’m finding it refreshing to play exactly my age and demographic. It’s exhausting to have to reach backwards ten years into one’s youth. I have no desire to play 25.

But, I may have wanted a crack at it when I was 25.

Ho, hum….

How many delightful years have your children aged you?


9 responses to “What Happened to My 20’s?

  1. Ho hum. No one seems to question our ages anymore. At least, my career has nothing to do with it. Everyone just expects Nanas to look this age.

  2. ouch…okay…very funny…BUT ouch… AND you still look 25. Your children haven’t aged you at all. If you removed your inner knowledge and responsibilties from your brain and went in with not a single thought of whether you left enough breast milk in the fridge for the baby or if the play room was picked up well enough to not have one of your children choke on something while you were gone, and just giggled through your audition with free and complete silliness along with the knowledge of knowing you’re “better than every “older” woman who walks in to that audition”, I think you will find that no one would be anything but confused if you told them you were 35. The only thing that really shows our age most of the time is the fact that we all of a sudden don’t believe we know it ALL anymore 😉

  3. I was auditioning for soccer mom roles at 25. I think if I auditioned now it’d be for grandmothers. I turn 40 this year. And looking 85 is totally my kids’ fault. 😉

    • I don’t believe you would be auditioning for grandmothers, but I totally get the feeling! The sleep deprivation alone is enough to add 15 years! And, Happy Birthday. 40 is the new 30, you know.

      • Ha!
        No, I wouldn’t be asked to read for grandma. But angry mid-life divorcee, certainly. 😉

        40 is the new “you can finally stop caring about the baby weight and the bags under your eyes because nobody expects much from you anymore.” It’s a relief.

      • And, there it is…my thoughts put into eloquent words by Ms Naptime 🙂 We’re SUPPOSED to look tired and Haggard. A relief it is! 😉

  4. Since my oldest is now a teenager, which means the rest are following quickly, I seem to be aging much faster these days! I have to agree with Kassie’s point that the inner list of responsibilities that I can’t let go of might be what ages me the most, though.

    • completely. But, it’s all part of it, isn’t it? sort of the way they talk fondly about laugh lines? Worry lines are earned in a beautiful way too, right? Or have I had one too many glasses of wine tonight? 🙂

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