The Secret Drawer

Salvador Dalí, The Anthropomorphic Cabinet, 1936, oil on panel. Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, Germany

Have you ever had that dream where you discover an extra room or perhaps even an entire wing in your house that you never knew existed?  I don’t know if this is a common dream for many, or if this strange sleepy quirk is mine alone, but none the less this fantastical whimsy of undiscovered space was not a mere illusion this morning, to be extinguished by the sweet dawn cries of “Mommy?!”

I awoke early to shoot a “Charmin Sit or Squat” app commercial (stay tuned for more on that as clearly I won’t let that one go without more details) and while splashing away the sands of sleep, I noticed that the cord of my hair dryer was caught on the base of the cabinet. I tugged at it and astoundingly, an empty drawer opened in its wake.

Now, I’m not speaking of a drawer that can merely hold a few make-up brushes and flat-lying, Q-tip sized items. Oh, no siree Bob!  It’s an enormous ten inch deep and five foot wide drawer that I suppose has been draped with an invisibility cloak until this day, May 27th, 2012.

It’s not as if we didn’t find it due to an overabundance of cabinet space, making it obsolete. In fact, I breathe profanities on a daily basis while trying to place mish-moshed, uncategorized items in the small cabinet above it, only to have said items spill out onto the floor if I fail to trap them inside with a brisk and forceful shove.

And yet, for nearly five months, the answer to our toiletry madness lay in vain before us, smack dab in plain view.
So of course, as I often do, I must find some sort of linked metaphor in my magical finding this morning. A deeper meaning, if you will. A lesson of symbolism, perhaps.

I foresee a bright and shining future for this drawer. Not only will it be gifted with my hair dryer, curlers, baby bath toys, hand soap, and all overflow that previously found its displaced home in the hall linen closet, but I believe upon opening it today, I set free a glowing light of prosperity and healing for all mankind; Freeing us from poisonous foods, toys and cosmetics, ending starvation and unemployment, eradicating bigotry, and creating peace among nations!

Or….maybe we’ll just buy more towels.

What big dreams do you have for your secret drawer?

Blogger’s Note:

See that new little “Vote for Me” Banner at the top right of my screen? After nine months of writing this blog, I have finally decided to post it on a “Mommy Blog” site.  In my efforts to reach beyond my fabulous facebook readers, might you help me by clicking on that link?  Nothing has to be done after that.   I believe a click is all it takes to get a vote.   Just experimenting to see what happens 🙂  Thanks!!!!


10 responses to “The Secret Drawer

  1. Wow! Your very own “drawer of requirements”! (Sorry, I can’t let such a perfect Harry Potter reference go by unreferenced). So happy to hear about your found space and looking forward to hearing more about the Charmin thing!

    • I had to put the Harry Potter reference in! Love that you appreciated it! and yes…..I’ll let you know for sure when the commercial is out. Actually, it should be any day now. I wrote this on May 2nd and forgot to post it, so I changed the date. They said it would be up in a few weeks so we’ll see!

  2. Em- I have that dream about finding unknown places in the house too…does everyone have those or did dad take us somewhere that we will discover later after we stop repressing our secret garden memories with our crazy fairy-tale childhood ones?…food for thought…As for the drawer…personally, I like to hide hundred dollar bills on myself. If I have an extra one lying around, I’ll put it in a coat pocket or in a lunch box in on a corner shelf covered with flowers, or in the car with the registration…I can’t tell you how exciting it is to find it months later when I’m looking for a ponytale holder…

    • Just seeing this! Why? Love it. I think when I have ample amounts of 100 dollar bills, I will do just that. Or, even better…hide them in everyone else’s house! How’s that for good karma?!

  3. It is not just you!! I often have the entire wing unbeknownst to me dream!! I thought only I had that dream!!

  4. My dream usually consists of discovering several wings – or even an entirely new house with secret rooms and passages. If I was lucky enough to find hidden storage in my house, I would just concentrate on obscuring the piles of things that seem to keep growing everywhere. 🙂

    I wouldn’t mind borrowing one of Kassie’s coats or lunchboxes either.

  5. I voted for you, Em! Well, I clicked on the link…there wasn’t a straight-forward place to place a vote but I’m assuming that’s all you have to do. Let me know. Also, keep me posted on Charmin! It’s our brand of choice in this household!! Woohoooooo!! xoxo

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