Results Are In

Things I learned today….

with a smattering of things I already knew, but had forgotten:

1.) Children are much more enjoyable when their body temperatures are below 104°

2.)When blessed with the rare “both children napping at the same time” scenario, using the sacred silent hour to steam, purée, chop and prep veggies and other recipe items providing easy access for the week’s mealtimes is much more invigorating than taking a nap yourself.  No matter how loudly your bed screams for you after only three hours of sleep the night prior.

3.) Scooping out the yolks of hard-boiled eggs is much easier with a spoon than a knife.

4.) Removing the side from your two and a half year old’s crib, converting it into a Daybed before there are ANY signs of the child physically outgrowing it or putting himself in danger by attempting to climb out is STUPID.  Thank heavens for the simplicity of the Allen Wrench.  Without it, rewinding time and pretending this stupidity never occurred would not have been so quick and painless.

5.) Blood tests on both children show that lead levels are as low as they can be. (For those of you who have lost sleep since last Thursday’s post over my children’s possible lead poisoning)

All is well here in the Motherfog household…

for today.


11 responses to “Results Are In

  1. 1) Glad to hear that not only is everyone healthy again (with no worries of lead poisoning), but that you actually had a sacred hour for yourself.
    2) Slightly jealous of your zeal for advanced meal prep – but not enough to actually partake in that myself.
    3) Chuckling about the bed conversion mishap. Happy it was easily corrected.
    Sounds like a good day at your house – YAY!

    • 1.) I wrote you back, but your birth story is UNREAL! Thank you for sharing.

      2.) my “zeal” for advanced meal prep came out of utter frustration over losing absolute control at mealtime and being pushed to serve waffles or toast no matter what is made. We are in the midst of a crack down in our house. Table manners are being stressed and kids are going to bed hungry if they don’t eat what is served. Yes…harsh. But I am finding it is a slippery slope when it comes to offering an extra bit of nutrition at the end of a meal in the form of yogurt and bread-like things for fear that not enough was eaten. I’ll let you know how long I can keep this up. I can tell you that I rarely left the kitchen from the hours of 1 to 5. There has to be an easier way when it comes to nutrition!

      3.) Glad to give you a chuckle about the bed. Seriously. What was I thinking? Other than I needed a change. dumb. glad to have him back in his crib 🙂

  2. Good to know about the crib. Miss you guys!

  3. omigosh cale LOVES his crib! it is insane, and i have no idea how we’re going to handle our summer travel plans unless he changes, pronto. not much hope there – and i just found out i shouldn’t push it! 😉

  4. Glad the lead test was clear. Glad you could retract the toddler bed offer. You’re right: never, ever, ever unless they’re climbing out or screaming about it at 2am.
    And you won’t, so…yay for fever free days.

  5. Yeah for low lead blood tests! And for spoons 🙂

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