Mouths of Babes

About 80 percent of what comes out of Zachary’s mouth these days (not including the chewed and discarded green vegetables) makes the “Days Highlights” event that occurs between my husband and I once the kids are asleep for the night.  I decided I MUST start writing these little snippets down for posterity, and what better place keep them but here?

My hope is that it will inspire some of my readers to share little nuggets from their own babe’s mouths in the comment section below.  They can be from today, yesterday, last year or decades ago.  I’m sure we all have something to share!  If I get enough of a response, perhaps this will be a regular segment.  We shall see.

This could be fun!

And with that, I bring you three quotes from this week:

1.)”Mommy!  Stop putting my toys away!  It’s not sanitary!!!”

2.) “Mommy, I think you’re being dramatic.”

3.)  (This one requires very specific stage directions)

Zachary faces me head on, grabs my face in his little hands, looks into my eyes and says

“Mommy, I love you”

then, pauses………………………….

(long enough for my eyes to well up with tears, give a little sigh, hold him close and say “I love you too, Zachary…so much” in the most tender of ways)

After moments of this emotional embrace he pulls away, looks once again into my eyes and finishes,

“But I don’t like cucumbers or zucchini”

He has tricked us with this brilliant piece of acting, having us believing he is truly overcome with the overwhelming need to express his love for one or both of us, at least three times this week.

Zachary – Age 2 years, 9 months

Your turn!


7 responses to “Mouths of Babes

  1. What a brilliant idea. My babes say the best things and I wish too I had written it down with more dedication One I will never forget is when Skylar age 4 met her new baby sister for the first time. Me: Skye this is Sydney. Skye: awww she’s cute, she’s lovely. She’s a woman. A baby woman.
    I hope this does become a segment my boys still say the funniest stuff.

  2. Upon seeing the Nativity scene for the first time under the Christmas tree, “Look Christopher! Look at the little people in the little house!”. My Bryan, then age 3 1/2 (12/7/08).

    I love reading about Zachary and Isabelle! Thanks for sharing!

    – Laurie (a friend of Hilary’s).

  3. I love listening to young kids as they to figure out language and appropriate use. Sometimes they come up with the most straightforward usage of terms, even though it is not a common expression. I thought I would share one that a little girl that I watch recently said regarding how big she is now that she turned 4.

    “I am really big now. My legs go all the way to my toes!”

    By the way, that look on Zachary’s face in the picture – perfect!

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