I’m Not Paying That When I Can Make It Myself!

Zachary has been obsessed with locks and keys recently.  So I decided to google “lock and key toys for toddlers”.  I came upon this:


What?  75 dollars?  OK.  I can make something like this.   It will be a fun Mommy-Zachary woodworking craft activity.  My son does love a power drill.

So, off to Home Depot we went!

Three cans of spray paint, eight locks, a block of wood and four sheets of sand paper turned into this:

Zachary and Mommy’s Project

And how much did this masterpiece cost?

Nearly two fingers, one eyeball, more probable cause for lead poisoning,            99 percent of my patience, and…


Please feel free to contact me for more brilliant DIY ideas

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34 responses to “I’m Not Paying That When I Can Make It Myself!

  1. Heather Vincent Larkin

    Training an escape artist, are ya? You’ll look back at this and laugh…a lot I hope.


  2. OMGoodness, Em! At least you tried to beat the system!! Great job, by the way. I like yours better than the one you could have bought for $75 🙂

  3. I have to remember not to try and drink cola and read your stories! It is very painful when it comes through the nose! I love this! And your box is much cooler!

  4. I may have wet my pants when I read that, as I burst into gales of laughter during one of our “do not make a sound, this is our favorite show!” weekly dates! Now, what the heck just happened on”Suits?”

  5. Laughing so hard right now. You guys are amazing. I’m very impressed.

  6. That’s really nice! I was actually gonna mention when I saw you guys last week that I think Zachary might have the brain of someone who could make a really great safe cracker!

  7. THIS. IS. AWESOME. Seriously!

  8. Jaime Windrow

    This made me smile. I have this intense desire to make everything myself as well! Love your stories 🙂

  9. Ha! Love it! That will definitely be a keepsake. Also, glad to know I am not alone in the – “Why would I pay that much for that when I could do/make it myself?” – world.

    • Not alone at all, Rita! We should compare ideas! Although, mine are not the greatest. 🙂

      • Typically it is my sister or my husband who try to talk some sense into me about the reality of the time and money investment I need to make versus just purchasing whatever item whose true value I am contemplating. Because I tend to border on the slightly (read as extremely) stubborn side, I tend not to listen. Hence, I find myself crafting presents and other things into the wee morning hours occasionally.

      • I know this sooooo well. You and my mother would get along very well. 🙂 She (among so many other things) made my wedding gown. Exquisite. Scary exquisite. it was finished the night before I walked down the Aisle.

  10. can’t put a price on the time you spent doing it with Zach!!

  11. Genius!! I totally could haveused something like that for my son! He was always playing with the locks!!!

  12. Your life is funnier than fiction. xo

  13. yes, but it wasn’t made in China, was it. And the process means a lot … just saying 🙂

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