Sit or Squat – My Commercial

As promised….

My commercial

Gotta pee?


9 responses to “Sit or Squat – My Commercial

  1. Congrats on the commercial! It’s great ~ my favorite is the King Lear line. At first my 13-year-old couldn’t figure out if it was a spoof or not – I told him it was a real app. He liked it, too. I still say your Motherfog stories as a sitcom would be great – and, I think you could pull off playing yourself. 😉

  2. Adorable. Love that the daughter is playing softball instead of a son playing baseball.

  3. Facebook won’t let me view it. :). Do we have to be Facebook friends?

    • No. Weird. I think I shouldn’t have attached the link that way. Many couldn’t see it from here. Go to charmin’s facebook page and its at the top. Or friend me Emily Rozek.

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