A Motherfog Trilogy

I went to the Morrow Church Turnover Sale this morning in search of some books and games for Zachary in his lame state. If you missed that: 

“The Negative is A Given. May I Instead Express My Gratitude?”

I found this:


For those of you who are missing the humor, you may have also missed one of my latest posts:

“I’m Not Paying That When I Can Make it Myself!”


(LOL usage completely acceptable and appropriate in this context.)

For those of you who don’t understand that statement, refer back to:

“Death to LOL”

And there you have it.

Three entries in one.

A Motherfog Trilogy, if you will.


20 responses to “A Motherfog Trilogy

  1. LOL for sure!! I did indeed LOL!!

  2. Two questions: Did you have to pinch yourself when you saw it? You did buy it, right?

  3. Life is awesome.

  4. Lol! And I really mean that….

  5. The Universe clearly has a sense of humor!

  6. Ok, THAT is funny!!!!!! And yes, I truly “LOL’d” when I saw the pic of that box. HILARIOUS.

  7. I am absolutely dying as I read this…LOL for sure!!!! You have such luck Em!!!!! It must be hard not to keep the humor when these things just happen to you, and I mean they do just seem to happen to you….xo

  8. I am rolling with laughter!! has happened to me too many time to count!! that is FUNNY RIGHT THERE!!!

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