Spica Cast Saviors

Many a stressed parent has found  my blog through the search engine term “spica cast”,  so with three and a half weeks under our belts, making us the Official Experts, I am adding two more must-haves!

The first item has absolutely saved us during this hot and stifling July.  It’s a scooter board I ordered from Amazon for $20 and had it on my doorstep the next afternoon for an extra $3.  The best $23 we’ve ever spent.  Seriously.

Scooter Board (click for the amazon link)

For live action footage of our little trooper scooting away, click on the picture below for a 53 second video.

He may not the the fastest in preschool this September, but he’ll have the most upper body strength!

Also, a wonderful family contacted me recently offering this hand-made Spica Cast Chair for free!  As we only have Six! Count them, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, SIX DAYS LEFT,  we felt that it should go to a little guy or gal facing a longer bout of “spica-ed” time ahead.

Here is the message from this generous family:

“There’s a buckle that keeps him attached to the seat, and the underside of the tabletop is painted with chalkboard paint.
It’s the “big bean chair” on ivyrosespicachairs.com.  And Stephanie, who builds the chairs was super.  We learned about the chairs on a Thursday, one day after getting home from the hospital, ordered one on Friday, and she built it and shipped it by Monday.
Esten loved the independence that the chair allowed (and so did we of course).
Hope things are going smoothly as you near cast removal.  The last week seemed long and slow for us.

Russ, Sunna, Esten”

Had we known about Stephanie at ivyrosespicachairs.com this would have been added to our list of life-savers for sure.
With their permission, I am attaching a short slideshow of their adorable little,
now healed guy in his chair.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I said, they are offering this chair for free should anyone stumble upon my blog and need it.  Leave me a comment here and I’ll put you in touch!

Thank you, Russ, Sunna and Esten!

Spica Newbies….Good luck! You can do it! We’re cheering you on!
This amazing chair went to another family within a few weeks of it being posted.  Now, that family is spica cast free and would like to pass it along again!  Leave me a comment here if interested and I will connect you.

18 responses to “Spica Cast Saviors

  1. I can’t imagine how difficult this journey has been for you and Zachary, but he’s clearly none the worse for wear from this trauma. As I watch the Olympics this week, I can’t help thinking if they come up with a spica event of some sort, he’ll win Gold!. He’ll put his resourcefulness to great use one day! You’re doing a great job, Em and Steve! Stay strong. Love, Kath

  2. This is a wonderful blog. While on vacation with family, our son Easton to a leap out of a swing and was taken to Boston Childrens hospital. We were placed in a spica cast on 8/7/12 and flew home to Kansas on 8/10/12. Overwhelmed we are but hopeful the time flies! This chair is wonderful! Is it still availible?~Lisa Riggins

  3. I am buzzing through your blog right now! Thank you for such a positive outlook! It has only been a half day of being home and I am so tired of putting him in front of the tv:( He is such an outside kiddo and wants to do everything himself! This is great info! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. We are in week 3 of our spica. My 3 year old daughter broke her right femur at a birthday party on the playground equipment. I am going to order her a scooter today. Thank you for sharing how you survived! I love the chair!

  5. Our two year old son just broke his femur on a bran bag Thursday. Any chance that table is still floating around somewhere ? My husband is out of town and I have an 8 year old daughter as well. Our car died yesterday… The list send to be getting longer! I have a feeling those chairs are a little out of the price range;)… Your blog has made me feel so much better!!! Thank you so much for writing about this!

    • Holly! I am so so sorry. I don’t know if this table is still available. I think it’s been passed around a bit and I am no longer in contact with the original owners. We did not use it ourselves and were able to get by without it. I am going to email you privately so you have my contact information in case you want to reach out with questions along the way. I will say this here, however…you WILL get through this. It is a giant inconvenience, but your son is healthy and well and will heal. I had to keep remembering that myself! Good luck!

  6. This is soooooooo fantastic!!! I reread my post. Lol. Could you guys even make sense of it!?! First of all, bean bag, he did not fracture his femur on a bran bag and our cat died, not our car. This mommy is TIRED! I sent an email to the one listed and am BEYOND thrilled this is working out!

    • This made me laugh out loud. I really did think he slipped on a bran bag. I think it’s funny that I accepted that as the cause of the accident without much thought of how one could break his leg on a bran bag. And how terrible about your cat! Much better if it was the car! I am so sorry!

  7. Hi. I am from Baton Rouge, LA. My 4 yr old son Ty got high spiral femur fracture on the 4th of July after a fall while climbing down a bunk bed and not paying attention. After two emergency rooms and 36 hours with a broken leg (his morphine regimen began within an hour of the break by the first ER) it was finally set and cast the morning of July 6th (my birthday). We are fortunate that only one leg is casted with the torso and we avoided the dreaded bar in between casted legs. We are ending day two at home with the Spica cast so I finally have time to search for stuff to do as well as chairs and what not. Your blog is very helpful.

  8. Lisa in Toronto

    thank you for the tip of the inexpensive scooter board from Amazon. it is seriously the best $30 CAD we’ve ever spent. our 3 year old broke his femur and was cast almost 3 weeks ago. we ordered the scooter board about a week into casting and by the 2nd week in his cast he was ready to rock and roll. he literally spins circles around our main floor. i cannot thank you enough for this tip, it truly has been a life saver by giving our little dude the freedom to get himself around and play with his toys independently. thanks again!

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