Pop Quiz – Proctored By Your Favorite Blogging Injustice Police Woman

Pencils ready…

What is the worst possible thing you can do while simultaneously pushing your napless, hungry 19-month-old in a grocery cart and grabbing last-minute items at Trader Joe’s for dinner guests who will arrive in less than an hour?

All those of you who answered,

“Have a conversation with the insurance company about a pending hospital claim for $14,865.36.”

You are brilliant! Amazing, quick, and intuitive. You win a free click on the “Top Mommy Blogs” button below.


If you only stopped by to flex some scholarly muscles by way of my quiz, you may take your prize and be on your way.

Should you want to be schooled on the inspiration for this Quiz, continue on.

Long story long…

All fellow shoppers disappeared, along with my whining toddler, into the blur that became my vision.  I had just been told with utter conviction that I was previously misinformed and have no “out of state” health benefits for myself or my family, urgent or otherwise.

I got off the phone before passing out, paid for 17 things not on my list, and zero things that were, leaving one of my child’s sneakers somewhere in the produce aisle, and drove home trembling.

Leaving darling hubby with two screaming and hungry children, a house to straighten, and tomatoes to dice for guests who would arrive in ten minutes, I escaped to the solitude of my backyard to call again.

A supervisor informed me that the previous woman was incorrect, all expenses would be paid and that I might have grounds to sue for the possible heart attack she provoked in the middle of my grocery run. (The last part may not have been said. I can’t remember)

The story gets better

I got her name with the full intention of  calling her today to bathe in the sweet satisfaction of informing her of her erroneous information.   However, by the time this phone call took place, 24 hours later, I had taken a yoga class and felt such finger-pointing would only serve to ruin my downward dog afterglow.

I simply explained that there seemed to be some discrepancies in her knowledge of my particular plan and that she may want to look into it for future callers (and grocery story personnel).

*It bares noting that this conversation took place while slowly and aimlessly roaming the aisles of Target, no child in tow, and no impending guests.  (Any mother who claims they have never slowly and aimlessly wandered the aisles of Target under the guise of “I’ve gotta run and grab milk! Be back in a Jiff!” is lying)

She was extremely kind, and much to my surprise, had already investigated the issue after yesterday’s passionate phone call. She went to the supervisor above my supervisor and found that she was not wrong at all, according to Joe Shmo at the top. (or in the middle. I don’t know how high this ladder goes)

However, due to the fact that I was told it WOULD be covered, and there are notes to prove it, there would be an exception.

Just for me.

Good enough, right?

Wrong. Something isn’t right here.

I pushed further to try to understand why I was still getting conflicting information. She interrupted me,

“Ms. Rozek. Your claim will be covered. You don’t have to worry.”

“That’s lovely. I am so glad. And the hospital will be too as I wasn’t going to pay it.  But this is no longer about my claim.”

I researched and chose this plan under the very clear conditions that emergency situations would be covered in any of our 52 States. We do after all “work” in New York City. My family is in New York, my husband’s is in Florida.  Purchasing a plan that only covers us in New Jersey would be downright stupid and irresponsible.

I have many flaws. Stupid and irresponsible are most definitely not on the list.

She agreed with my argument and informed me that due to my many phone calls, red flags were raised and there is to be a state-wide Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ meeting this week to determine the verdict of out-of-state emergency care and it’s coverage under this plan.

Was she making the whole thing up out of embarrassment and an inability to admit she was wrong?


But, she picked the wrong member.  I’m unemployed and have nothing but time.

I’ll call again tomorrow to hear what King Supervisor of Supervisors decided.

Or maybe I should just go to Yoga.

Have a click!


4 responses to “Pop Quiz – Proctored By Your Favorite Blogging Injustice Police Woman

  1. and this is why nobody trusts health insurance companies, nobody wants insurance companies, and we all long for the time when it was just us and the doctors

  2. Perhaps you should start offering your services as a mediator for others who need to deal with car dealerships, mechanics, doctor’s offices, hospitals, etc – you seem to be building quite the resume in that department. 🙂

    I hope you were able to make it to yoga today.

  3. Crazy! I’m staying tuned for what happens next

  4. Oh boy…get ’em, Em!

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