Joined the Flub

Some of tou may not know this, but I have written all of my entires for this blog on
My blackberry.  How else wound i find the time to write as frequently as i do? The train, the car (as a passenger of clues), the bathroom (my family thinks I suffer from chronic  atomachaches. )

Y trusty Device. Had been showing signs of near death, I fought joining the massive. Lib of iPhoneErs.   not as much for the fact that I like to be a black sleep, but more because of the love affair I was having with
Y blackberry keys. I found such comfort in the positioning of fingers to buttons and the way the flow of words  licked happily into webs pd stories with ease.

But, alas…

My friend, my love, my blogging right hand man took his last breath before freZin into a glaze of static grey, en route to NYC the other day. I took the plunge at a small  eizpn store in the middle of penn station and purchased the  ‘cool kids’ toy. This Decade’s moola hoop.

I am now one of the billions, proudly joining the ranks of the sigitally unintelligible.

Only dorkas write te t messages and emails that make any amount of sense. It’s all so  lear to me now.

I write this entry to all of you as my induction.

No edits. No spell. Heck.

These words are those that Mr. iPhone felt appropriate

And by God almighty, Mir. iPhone knows BEat!

Sent from my iPhone

8 responses to “Joined the Flub

  1. hahahahahahaha HILARIOUS. This decade’s moola hoop indeed. I, still on the Blackberry train, feel like I have Shrek fingers any time I try to type on hubs’ iPhone, so… GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. 🙂

    P.S. Hope your atomachache gets better.

  2. I laughed so hard reading this in squeaky. Haha, and how fitting as I write this on my cool kid toy that “subway” was spellchecked to “squeaky”. Nice.
    Xoxo katie

  3. Love it! Hilarious! As you and I discussed I am also the new proud owner of a smart phone too. It works pretty good… if I could only get the damn thing to stay charged……

  4. Hilarious. My Android often autocorrects to the weirdest things. Yes, clearly I meant Tudor instead of two-door and duck instead of….

    Enjoy. I hear iPhones make you smarter and more attractive. That’s what the ads tell me. So you’re a shoo-in for Time’s Awesomesauce of the Year.

    • What’s funny is that I feel completely inebriated every time I try to write a text or email (or blog entry – forget about it). Or, it’s like that dream where you keep trying to put your pants on to make an important meeting and can’t seem to make it to the door in anything but your underwear. not smarter. certainly not more attractive

      They need to change the ads to drunk women in their underwear. Or has that ad become cliche?

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