Wordless Wednesday


5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Um, I’m sure if I worked on it a little I could see some of your account numbers on the cards. Might want to obscure.

    • You are sweet to point that out. I do thank you!
      But, I’m not that stupid 😉 The amex is not a valid card. and the others are the backs of insurance cards with only phone numbers of the companies. People can absolutely use them to call Horizon Blue Cross if they so choose! 😉

    • Oh! And our Zoo membership card is visible with a smart use of photoshop. But I think I’ll leave it. If someone works that hard for those numbers, they should be allowed admittance to see the butterflies at our local Zoo for free!

  2. Butterflies? For just the cost of my whole afternoon? Done.

    • This made me laugh out loud while, get this…at the zoo next to the butterfly exhibit. (which oddly had no butterflies in it)

      I had to take the kids just to make sure my card still worked 😉

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