New “About Emily”

Hello all old and new friends!

With Motherfog’s one year anniversary approaching, I’ve decided to re-vamp the “About Emily” section.  By re-vamp I mean, delete completely and start from scratch.  With multiple email discussions with the brilliant, insightful (and very generous with her time) Naptimewriting, I have gained  more clarity as to what Motherfog is about (at least currently), and I want this section to reflect that.

So, with a huge thank-you to Naptime for the inspiration, to all of you who have encouraged me to keep writing this past year, and for all of my new guests (I’m so happy you’re here!), here is the new…

ABOUT EMILY click here

Love to All of You!


5 responses to “New “About Emily”

  1. Let the record show:
    1. I did not think there was anything wrong with any of your pages or posts. I was happy to talk about all those other things, and the fact that you got from our discussions a need to rewrite yourself is totally your problem. 😉
    2. I think you’re delightful no matter how you ‘splain it.
    3. Happy anniversary.

    • I never felt you thought my posts or pages were flawed. I’ve been working on this section for months and our conversations and some of your insights helped me shape it into a more accurate telling of what my blog is. (right now) I could probably re-write it every year…and may 😉

  2. Emily..that was brilliantly written. And you to a T—the incredible, super-woman I am proud to call friend and colleague. You are an exceptional human being–thank you for shining your light through my often unsurpassable fog.

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