Pick up the Phone!

Being child number four of five, I was too young to remember my sister Hilary’s best friend moving in during their eighth grade school year. I just remember her always being there.  Heather is my fourth sister and my parents’ fifth daughter.

After I posted “The Pleasure Was All Mine”, she sent me this email.  At the end, she expresses feeling guilty about not sharing it sooner, but I disagree that her timing was anything but perfect.


“Days after he passed, your dad and I had a visit as well.  I was standing in, dare I say,  ‘our’ house on Lewis Street. I was in the parlor near the piano across from the phone stand.  I was slightly confused and looking around and as I looked to the right, your dad stood there near the doorway that led to the informal dining room and kitchen area.  We were both watching the chaos that was all around.

The phone was ringing.  No one answered it.

Your mom and each of you girls were all walking, almost a skipping or flitting through the rooms in a state of chaos.  No one was really paying much attention to any one else.  You all seemed lost in emotion; a frenzy in your eyes and movements. Your dad said, in the tone that I’ve heard so many times when he’d get frustrated with each of us because we were being uncooperative or overly annoying, “Would somebody answer the phone?!?!!!”

The phone kept ringing.  No one answered it.

As I looked to the right, your dad looked to the left.  Our eyes met and the look of astonishment on his face made it clear that he could see me seeing him.

He said, “You can see me?”

I responded simply, “Yes.”

The phone kept ringing.  Still, no one answered it.

He said, “Please tell them I’m fine.  I’m in a good place.”

I don’t recall saying anything back but nodding to indicate that I would share his message.

The phone stopped ringing.  It was him trying to contact you all.  He wanted you to know that he was ok.

The chaos was gone in that brief moment and then I awoke.

I felt honored and brokenhearted all at the same time.  I passed along the message to Hilary and I am feeling incredibly guilty thinking I may not have told you. I think at that time there was so much confusion and coping.

I have asked him to visit may times but haven’t seen him in a dream.  But as I said, he is here all the time.  When I listen to Hilary’s incredibly ‘Rozek’ stories I giggle-he’s there with her.  When life (and a  car dealership) hands you lemons and you make lemonade (albeit a little sour) he’s there coaching you.  I see him all the time; just not in the way we would all like.

So there it is, my visit with your dad.  It was too brief but, it will last me a lifetime.”

-Heather Vincent Larkin

Thank you Heather.  We all love you so much…Dad included.



3 responses to “Pick up the Phone!

  1. Wow. Chills. Thanks Heather and Em for sharing.

  2. I have ALWAYS felt loved by each of you and hope that each of you know, in spite of time and distance, I love you too. xoxo

  3. Would someone please send me a picture of this wonderful young lady whose face I cannot place. Heather, you’re really doing me in! Beautiful story..and thanks, Em, for sharing it. I see your Dad with each random appearance of butterflies…and, of course in all of you.
    Love, Aunt Kath

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