The Birthday Verdict

As some of you may know, the rapidly approaching third birthday has been stressing me out in terms of event planning.  We have been visiting different locations (i.e. Zoos and Children’s museums), to get quotes and a feel for what a “destination party” would entail.  Those ideas went out with the price tags and the most recent plan was to throw a simple backyard (mini) extravaganza. But as each date I threw out was problematic for the few people involved, pushing the party into October, a month in which his birthday is not, I tried a different approach…asking the birthday boy himself.

This evening’s dinner conversation:

Me -“So Zachary, your birthday is this week.  We are going to do something special.  Anything you want.  What would you like to do?”

Zachary – “I don’t know”

Me – “Do you want to have a party with some friends?  Or a family dinner?”

Zachary – “A family dinner”

Me – “OK.  Do you want to invite any friends?”

Zachary – “Nope.  Just me, Daddy, Mommy and Isabelle”

So, there ya have it, preserved here for insurance purposes.  Thirty years from now, when he comes to me straight from therapy, nursing emotional wounds inflicted by lack of three-year-old festivities, I can prove that it was his choice!

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7 responses to “The Birthday Verdict

  1. Oh I hope we didn’t add to the stress, Em! That’s fantastic that you made it about what Zachary wanted–so often ( and I am also guilty of this), parents make the events more about their friends and guests than the kid they are celebrating (I’ve catered enough $100,000 bar mitzvahs to know what I’m talking about). I think he will remember that you celebrated him!!! Happy birthday Zachary!

  2. Emily, my oldest, Christopher, is 10 and I still need him to guide me sometimes. His choice of birthday destinations this year, a bounce house, had a flat rate for up to 20 kids. Even after we added my younger son Bryan, and Bryan’s best buddy (your nephew Cameron), we were still only at 9 kids. Not wanting to fail at getting my “money’s worth”, I kept asking my oldest….”are you sure you don’t want to invite anyone else?”. He finally looked at me and said, “Geez mom. 9 is plenty. We don’t need anymore kids there. I just want a small party!”. And he walked away shaking his head. From the mouths of babes. Laurie
    PS – I really enjoy your blog. 🙂

  3. And Happy Birthday Zachary!

  4. Ooh, ooh!!! Let’s let Z make a cake with us! We can make messy masks and he can frost his own cupcakes! Or, we could make the cake in the SHAPE of one of the masks!! Ready or not, Here comes Aunt Hilary!!! Woowee!! (if you had any memories from childhood, I’d ask if you remember Aunt Jenny from the Brady Bunch! She always seemed to swoop in, bringing her very own chaos, then swoop back out leaving a trail of “what the hell was that!” behind her- I really liked her….)

  5. Now you know for the future – save yourself the stress and check with Zachary first. And, I am sure that you will make the day so special that 30 years from now he will just remember the great times he had with his family. 🙂

  6. Thank God he didn’t say “Chucky Cheese”!

  7. Thanks, guys! Wow…I have gotten lazy in responding to comments for the last few posts. I will step it up. I still love all of your for reading and commenting!

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