Let’s Get Groovy!

Well, hello there, lovely readers!  Are you still there?  Or have these nine long and excruciating days of silence forced you to let go of any hope of my return?

Big news!

No.  Not pregnant.

Bigger news!

I want to be.

Yes.  You read that right.  I am totally insane.

As if we have found any modicum of balance within our family of four.

Mother Nature seems to be a sinister soul with her spell of procreation, doesn’t she?  Hypnotizing away any amount of common sense, erasing all memories of maternal nervous breakdowns.

But before you  hold your breath for the next 28 days, anxiously awaiting a Wordless Wednesday picture of a double pink line, this is not something that is in the works any time soon.  Just because I want something (notice I didn’t say we…one of the adults in this family has not been bamboozled by a recent cessation of lactation hormones) doesn’t mean that I’m going to get it.  It is all contingent on finding ourselves in a place of stability.  A place where money flows freely, our time is ample, and our worries of affordable health care, college tuition and adequate retirement funds are but a thing of the past.

Journey with me, if you will, to the 1970’s for a moment…

A decade in which my parents purchased a seven bedroom Victorian home amidst excellent public schools for $20,000, began building their family of seven, and supported it with ease (ish) on a single Public Teaching salary, allowing my mother to exercise her choice to stay home, and my father the ability to co-parent with her after 3:45 pm during the school year, and all day, everyday during the summer months.

Me and Dad – 1978

But, alas, no matter how many times I use my favorite Instagram App filter, we are most certainly not in the 70’s.  So until pigs grow wings and fly this family of four to a groovier time, a family of four it shall remain.

But, by my calculations, we have a good four or five years to make all of these changes.  So, let’s get groovy!

Mamma wants a third!

Blogger’s Note: I am aware that the slang “groovy” was created in the 60’s, a decade in which none of the births of my parents’ five children took place, but the  more accurate term “Far Out” is just not my favorite.  So, go with it.  It’s been nine days.  I’m rusty.

*Apparently, “Groovy” actually originated in the 30’s.  Click here for more on that life-altering piece of information


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Missed you all dearly

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18 responses to “Let’s Get Groovy!

  1. I missed your posts…welcome back. I find it fantastically funny that you tagged this post, “Yep…she’s gone a bit looney.” I too went a bit looney…now we have three. I wouldn’t trade Cooper in for anything!! Not even a fully loaded retirement or college fund ;0)

  2. Stunning.

  3. welcome back. have checked a few times for a new post!! missed u! good luck getting what you both want……I pray you get what you want! I loved going from 2-3, and now crazy has set in in this house and yes we are going for #4, evening out the numbers with a litte sister for layla!!!! stay tuned for CRAZY!

  4. Well, hello there! Can’t believe you kept everyone in limbo for over a week! How did you expect us to survive? 😉

    I admire your responsible approach to deciding to increase your family size. You are much more level-headed and rational than I. I don’t mean to say I didn’t have a plan, I just didn’t factor paychecks and retirement funds into the plan – silly me. I’m rooting for you and your family to find stability & multiply. 🙂

    • thanks, Rita! Believe me. I am quite sure that if we have a third, it will not mean that retirement and college funds are securely in place. But a nice steady income for at least one of us may be a good choice 🙂 But, even that is only because I can’t do a lot of work while pregnant in my chosen career. Otherwise, I would be on my marry way to making a third! (regardless of what hubby says;)

  5. Welcome back Emily! I’ve missed reading about the Motherfog family for the past 9 days! I wish you the best in securing all that you desire and deserve!

  6. I’m a bit looney too! I had the hardest pregnancy with Alexavier. He had colic!! We are still living in a state of organized chaos without any foreseeable remedy. I just got my body back for crying out loud! And yet….

    I want another one!

    Jason thinks I’m crazy. I keep telling him he knew that before we got married. I can’t imagine it will happen anytime soon, but I think it will most likely happen eventually. So, can I join your groovy, looney club???

  7. You are insane.

    You want another one because babies don’t move or refuse or hit or kick or strip naked in the market. You want another because babies are cuddly and smell nice.

    And they puke and scream and nurse every hour. 24 hours a day. Plus, they ALL become toddlers. Then three-year-olds. Then teenagers.

    You’re just insane. I have nothing more for you. If you think life with two toddlers is kicking your ass, try having more children than you do hands. Or ears.

    That is all. Mazel tov, good luck, and all the best to you.

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