Just For Laughs

I must say that I usually despise “funniest home videos” type shows simply because they seem mostly filled with people hurting themselves horribly while America laughs. I guess if there was actual serious bodily harm or worse, these people would not submit their videos to the show (I hope). Still, they hurt me to watch.


I laughed until I cried watching this today and had to share. Some of the clips are definitely wrong and not so funny, i.e. little boy tripping over a soccer ball- NOT FUNNY(click here in case you’re confused about my position on that). But, again, I’m sure if the child of whom I speak ended up in a three-quarter body cast, it would not be on this clip. Enough of my disclaimers.

Watch and Laugh. Or, watch and cry.

Click in the actual link below that starts with “27 reasons…”. For some reason there is a video ad on this post. New WordPress thing? Ignore.



2 responses to “Just For Laughs

  1. oh good grief, I’m an idiot. I started watching the video at the bottom, completely missing the link. I was thinking, um, what?

  2. Oh my. Thank you for the laugh. I might have to link to this in my weekly wrap up too.

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