“Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis?”

I have a friend in Public Relations that likes to throw my writing out to different publishers and casting directors when projects come across his desk.  He called me last night to say that there is a new reality television pilot being cast that is looking for women in New York and surrounding areas who have successful careers, children, friends and spouses, and are navigating through the “have it all” scenario.  He sent her my information and blog link and she wanted to talk to me.

Putting aside the fact that I would rather eat three-week old fish wrapped in road-kill filo dough, than be on a reality television show, (that’s big talk. I don’t eat things that swim) I wanted to get more information.  This is an excerpt from the actual breakdown:

POWER MOMS is a new docu-series focusing on a group
of successful women who somehow manage to do it all…
balancing work, kids, home, friends, events, parties and


If this is truly a reality show, and not a sci-fi series where days are longer than 24 hours, there are glaring arithmetic errors.  I’ll get Nate Silver on it.

But, lets suspend our disbelief for just a moment while I tell you about this phone call.  It went something like this:

Casting Director: “So, let me describe what we are looking for and you can tell me if you fit the bill.  We need successful, career driven, educated, New York mothers who are able to work, spend plenty of quality time with their kids and spouses, plan events and parties and maintain an active social life.  Also, these women do not need to be wealthy, but can afford some of the nicer things.  For example, vacations homes and designer clothes.  This is a classy version of New York Housewives.  It’s an aspirational show that middle America will be inspired by.  Does that sound like you?”

me: “No.  It most definitely does not.  I do not own my own home, let alone a vacation home and fashion is not my thing.  I am not your girl, but seriously, who are you looking for?  You didn’t mean success in any career.  You meant CEO’s and the like?”

Casting Director “Yes.”

Clearly, she did not read by blog.  And clearly I will not watch her show.  Or maybe I will.  I must see who these women are and how they manage to defy the laws of nature.  Because, it’s going to be a reality show…meaning it is going to be 100 percent real, right?

have a click!


26 responses to ““Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis?”

  1. Driven career women spend quality time with their kids one hour a week. And pay someone to plan parties.

    I just threw up in my mouth reading that crap. They might as well have Martha Stewart and Barbara Walters talk about how well their children and parties turned out.

    But I’m not bitter at the entertainment world’s bullshit or anything.

  2. Hallelujah to the naptime writing chick and to you for living in the real world. As we used to say , “Gag me with a spoon!” And furthermore, how cruel to embue the upcoming generation with the guilt they must feel if they think that’s success! Our children are all wonderful, and they sure better stay that way! Continue to enjoy yours!

  3. If we turned the cameras on that casting director and others behind that unreality show we could call it “Clueless–in reality.” Seriously…

  4. Clearly the casting director meant they were filming an ALTERNATE reality show – they seem to be all the rage nowadays. And, what exactly does she think I will find inspiring in this show? I do watch some reality tv – but am not delusional enough to think that it is real. I would like to see fewer of the docu-series on tv, personally. I am tired of seeing the nastiness that gets portrayed.

    When you get that Motherfog sitcom together – be sure to include all the great comments your mom always has too. She is fabulous!

    • That was my question for her? What on earth would be inspiring about these women? There is no way what they are describing is attainable in the way that they describe it. And especially in our current economic climate, why on earth would we feel inspired by their skewed depiction of these women? And, yes. My Mother is fabulous! I will tell you said so.

  5. So if people that are NOT wealthy are able to afford vacation homes and designer clothes… what does it take to actually be considered wealthy? And what does it make the rest of us? Guess I’ll never know…

    • I’m right there with you, Steve. That was the most troubling part of that conversation to me. I know the casting director didn’t write the show. She’s just doing her job, but honestly…It’s a load of crap. What really gets me is that people will watch it and be tricked into thinking they are actually inspired. Let’s go write our own show!

      • I’m game. We need a schtick though. “Middle class American’s trying to pay their mortgage and utility bills?” Well, that’s definitely reality but probably doesn’t make for great TV. We could combine our skills… “Broadway Campfire Songs?” No, not feeling it… I’ll keep brainstorming! 🙂

      • How about “middle class America trying to pay their mortgage/rent and utility bills while singing broadway and campfire songs”? I’ll call my producer friend in LA (who I called just after yesterday’s phone call to make sure he wasn’t the jackass who concocted the hair-brained pilot) and pitch it!

      • Okay, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  6. Why are material possessions and fat paychecks the definition of success? How about balance, happiness, health and love? I think “we” have lost our way… I’m with ya – this show isn’t for me.

    • “we” certainly have, Laura. Although, if the comments on this post are any indication, people wont watch this? Somehow I think this is wishful thinking. At this point, it’s still just a pilot. Hopefully, it will never go to network.

  7. Wow. I can confidently say I do not know a single mother like that.

  8. I work full-time and see my kid 3 hours a day. Well, I did manage to throw a fabulous, society-worthy party for H’s birthday. And I have designer clothes (someone designs for Target, right?). And I do have a vacation home in North Carolina…of course, my in-laws live there but we’ll keep that quiet. Have them call me!

    • Funny enough, I think three hours a day sounds like a lovely amount of time! If these “CEO’s” are making enough to afford vacation homes and wardrobes full of designer clothing, they are working insane amount of hours and for sure aren’t seeing their kids even close to three hours a day. Unless of course they made their money the old fashioned way – inheritance or marriage. Then, it’s a whole different ball-game. But, that isn’t what the show is saying they are looking for.

      Regardless of that, I think it’s hysterical that you mentioned Target. I almost went back last night and added a joke about my clothes being from Target designers, but couldn’t figure out how to word it! Great minds…

      I think you are a perfect contender for this show. And I’ll get on as your crazy, poor friend.;)

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