Oh, Canada

Off to Canada for a concert. Let’s hope I make better choices this time…

Sleepwalking across the border


2 responses to “Oh, Canada

  1. Hi Emily, This is Julie Tomasky..yes, your former Town Of Maine neighbor. Saw Wicked for the first time last night(yes, I’m 9 years behind), and wish I had seen you playing Glinda. Anyway, I was going through your blog and watching your clips. I am extremely proud and awed of the person you have become. You (and your entire family) have always been extremely blessed with talent, and I am so happy to see you using it and it being recognized the way it should be. Be proud of yourself; everyday 🙂

    • Julie! How sweet of your to write! And to read through my blog! How exciting that you went too see Wicked! Here in NY? Was it good? I don’t know who is in the cast right now. It seems to change so frequently. It’s a very special show. I hope you enjoyed it! Again, thanks for writing and for your kind words.

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