What’s this whole red and blue thing about, eh?

My trip to Canada was brief, as are most of my business jaunts. I like to get right home to the hubby and kids, but I could have tolerated just an hour or two longer this time. By the time I wound down from the show and jammied up for bed, it was 1 a.m. The car picked me up at 4:15. I settled myself into the black sedan and hoped to drift off during the hour long trip to Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

Within seconds, I knew the driver was a talker, something I normally don’t like, especially at that hour, but I was quickly drawn into our conversation and we pulled up to my terminal before I could say “Oh man, I’m sorry if I drift off on you. I can barely keep my eyes open.”

This delightful, roly poly fellow, with the innocent face of Santa Clause began talking about his hobbies, love of soccer and adventures of being a limo driver- a job he searched out post-retirement just to keep from setting a bad example for his teenage sons by lying on the couch all day.

The chat found its way to a story of an altercation. I don’t remember the details, but it involved a robber of sorts that he chased after on foot.

“Wow! Were you terrified?” I asked.

“No. Not really. So few people have guns in this country. They’re extremely hard to get”

A target shooter himself, he explained that in Canada the process to own a fire arm is long and drawn out. He had to take classes, have an affidavit signed and notarized by his wife stating that she was comfortable with her husband keeping a weapon in the house, and once all of that was completed, there was a mandatory one month waiting period before the gun could be obtained. They call it a “cooling off” period.

Naturally, this brought the conversation to the States and its total jackassery concerning such issues.

“What did you guys up here in Canada think of the election and the three ring circus it rode in on?”

“I didn’t really follow it. But what’s this whole red and blue thing about, eh?”

Oh, Canada. Might you have room for four more citizens? Two of them are extremely adorable. I can have them dressed in maple leaves and singing “O Canada” in harmony, lickety-split. Just think about it and get back to me. We’ll be rehearsing.

Fact Check:
All statements are true and correct. Even that which is most offensive- I was awake and in the car at 4 a.m.


8 responses to “What’s this whole red and blue thing about, eh?

  1. I adore Canada too. My friends Lisa and Quillan live in Toronto and I love to visit. It’s so strange because they never lock their doors. There’s a very nice sense of safety and camaraderie there. Plus, the theater community is outstanding.

    • It does seem so. I too grew up in a town where people didn’t lock their doors. I remember being completely annoyed if the car keys were somewhere other than the ignition! Not anymore. When I go home now, i have to be taught where the keys are and what locks they go to. All locked up now.

  2. Okay, that’s bit of an exaggeration, James! lol! We do lock our doors… most of the time. We’re also very proud of our gun control laws! 😉
    I wish I had know you were here! I would have come to see the show!

    • Awww! Lisa! It was such a quick trip, but I should have told you! We were in Hamilton. I must tell you that I was completely horrible in the show. I came down with a chest cold the day before and had to go out in an ice storm at 1 am to find Robitussin. The gentleman behind the counter offered to sing for me. I should have taken him up on it. It was that bad.

      But, yes. You SHOULD be proud of your gun control laws! Why can’t we get it together here??? Please tell me?

  3. I hope it was a great show, Em! Can’t wait to hear about it and the other interview!! Call me when you can. Love you!

  4. Lisa’s correct. Sometimes I exaggerate a little. Thanks for the fact checking.

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