A Very Rozek Christmas

EASTER IN NY 2006 (10)






This is what my sisters do in their spare time.  Amazing.  Unfortunately I was left off the list when the whistling talent was handed out.   The whole thing is brilliant, but the end might be my favorite part.

Way to Go, Girls!

Rozek Girls- Jingle Bells Medley


10 responses to “A Very Rozek Christmas

  1. The end is definitely my favorite part… 🙂

  2. I wet myself!

  3. That’s awesome. Very talented!! I started to hyperventilate just thinking of whistling for that long… I’m more curious how one embeds an mp3 onto a website like that, I’ve been trying to figure that out myself.

    • The site is one I’m the webmaster for. I made it for our father’s artwork and I keep additional html pages on it in separate folders. For instance- his site is kennethrozek.com but his index only navigates to his main page. On my host, I have another folder that has all of our Christmas mp3’s on it with a main page called christmas.html with hyperlinks to each. Anyone who knows the direct link to the page can rt click and download any or all of our songs and save them to their computer- or link directly to them on a site like this or youtube. http://www.kennethrozek.com/Christmas/christmas.html
      Happy Holidays!

    • Did you read my sister’s comment for you? It doesn’t make much sense to me, but maybe it will to you?

  4. OK, who was/is a piccolo player? Blew me away — note perfect. (Pun, of course, intended.)

  5. I LOVE this!!! The ending was my fav…the Rozek laugh will always ring in my ears!! Miss you all! Xo

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