Performance Clips

Once upon a time, I thought I wanted to keep my professional self very separate from this Blog.  I even used a fake-ish name.  That lasted for about three posts before I remembered that I’m not really a good keeper of secrets.  Shhh..don’t tell my friends!

Up until recently I had a separate website for my performance resume and media.  But, I realized that Motherfog has become my pulse, and the truest expression of who I am.

So, I closed the cyber-doors on and ran off with some of my favorite clips and pics to bring to you here.  These are the things of which I am most proud…

Career-wise, that is.  My babies out-shine every picture and live performance on here!


“Be Careful” – Written By Patty Griffin
(click the picture for the video)

“Nobody’s Cryin'” – Written By Patty Griffin
(click the picture for the video)

“Gimme, Gimme” – Thoroughly Modern Millie
Performance video from “Art For Life” – Hollywood, CA
(click the picture for the video)

“Popular” – Wicked
Performance Video is the more interesting version than the one pictured –
Club Eleven – West Hollywood, CA
(click the picture for the video)
*Note- If you look closely at the video, you can see an eight week old fetus who would be named, Isabelle 😉
































“Someone to Watch Over Me” – Crazy For You
Performance Video from Club Eleven, West Hollywood, CA
*Note – If you look closely at the photo, you can see a 24 week old fetus who would be named, Isabelle 😉

17 responses to “Performance Clips

  1. Holy Mother, your voice! Woman, that’s amazing!

  2. Amazing! Someone get this girl a show ASAP. Or, a recording contract at the very least.

  3. Amazing! Still one of my favorite voices in the world! xoxo Katie

  4. Your Patty Griffin covers are stunning! Nice work, thanks for sharing with us!

  5. I was just going to watch a couple of clips and get on with my day, but now I’m clicking everything YouTube offers, and my children will be having sandwiches for dinner.
    The PulseNV interview is adorable. I know they’re not your faves, but I’m a sucker for corny musical numbers (cough…I Could Have Danced All Night…cough). Lovely.

    • All Youtube has to offer….very scary. I have zero amount of control over what goes up there. Some of them, I wish I had hard copies of for myself. Others, I wish hard copies did not exist.

      Like that one of me singing naked 😉

      But, thank you. That was very kind. I do hope your children did not object to the sandwiches.

    • So, I had to go find that PulseNV clip because you mentioned it. I am laughing my butt off at one of my answers. The one where I rambled on in 18 different directions and then said “Does that make sense?”

      Uh…no. Not in the least. but we’ll move on.

      • I was busy controlling the impulse to gawk at how amazing you looked post-child until I heard how little you were sleeping (inferred from your answer) and felt better. 😉

  6. Aww. I just listened to your Patti Griffin song with Katie. So sweet. I didn’t know you could strum a guitar like that. Envious. My next musical journey in life will be guitar lessons. Tra-la-la….

  7. I am glad you decided to share this side of your unstoppably awesome self as part of the blog space. I love the version of Popular you performed at Club Eleven. I hope that soon you find the right project for you that fits for you as a performer and as a mom. Then, I hope that project brings you close to NM so I can see you perform in person. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Rita! that was a fun evening. And so crazy to me that I was pregnant with Isabelle! And, I would love to come close to NM. If not to perform, just to see you and meet your beautiful family.

  8. Love you my friend….XoXo KK

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