Journeying East – Day Two


December 30th, 2011

After feeling as though we were caught in that dream during which you tirelessly attempt to move from point A to point B and repeatedly find yourself back at point A, we are off!

At 12:30 PM, after a stop at friends to return air mattresses and cleaning supplies, a drop off of a propane tank at Home Depot, a drop off of outgrown baby items at Salvation Army, a stop at Starbucks for much needed coffee and oatmeal, an illegal garbage bag dump in a Trader Joe’s dumpster, and an illegal U-turn to recover a plastic stick that had been forgotten on top of the car (this was mandatory as this stick has become Zachary’s pretend leaf blower and his favorite and beloved toy), our journey began.

We changed our plans twice in order to facilitate a stop at the ocean.  We both decided that no matter what, this needed to be our last stop as we headed out of town. We stayed true to this promise although it put us 2 nights and 2 hotel reservations behind.  I’m so thankful we did.

We headed 2 hours off our route to a rustic Beach inlet just north of Malibu to say a symbolic goodbye to a piece of us.  As we drove over the mountainous and winding dirt roads, the sun was blunted by the rolling mist that breathed its way to land from the water.

Once we reached the coast, the clouds had snuffed out each ray, morphing the day into a gray and wintry one. After 5 years of eternal sunshine and everlasting 72 degree weather, we welcomed the change in atmosphere. To us it was beautiful and perfect. Zachary and Isabelle had yet to join us at this special spot, and although I’m certain no introductions were needed, we felt like we were sharing them with their sister for the first time. Our stay was brief, but the perfect picture of closure. Both of us carried a child on a hip and found our way through the fog and misty eyes back to the van. It’s official. Our 5 years here have come to a beautiful and bittersweet end.

And now….after much scampering for a new hotel reservation for New Year’s Eve weekend, our first stop….Vegas!

6 responses to “Journeying East – Day Two

  1. Awe, Em…what beautiful pictures and a beautiful story. I’m so glad you decided to make the beach your last stop. Can’t wait to hear more!! xoxo

  2. So glad you got to do that. We will miss you guys so dearly!

  3. Good luck on your trek,and that inlet beach in Malibu is called Leo Carrillo. I recognize it from anywhere as I was just there yesterday with my family. Been going there for 12 years now. I love it up there with the tide pools… I knew you could sing but have been enjoying your writings. Arizona is stunning, not sure of your route but always enjoy a journey through the desert. Happy New Year and good luck with the little ones on the road.

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