One Hilarious Christmas Wish

em and nick







All my brother asked for this Christmas was for me to record “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with him. 

em and nick recording








Here it is…Utter hilarious, joyous, genious.


em and nick recording 2








I hope you all had a blessed and beautiful Christmas, in from the cold!


The Motherfog Family


16 responses to “One Hilarious Christmas Wish

  1. Beyond sweet and this is what the holidays is all about. Having a great time with your loved ones.

  2. Brilliant and Beautiful Emily!

  3. That was awesome and my favorite was when Nick said at the end, “What was THAT?!” Made my night. Love you both. Katie

  4. Em, This is GREAT!!! I LOVE IT!! Happy Christmas to you all and especially to your WONDERFUL partner in song Nicolas

  5. LOVE this EM and your partner was WONDERFUL!!! Thank You Mr. Nicolas!! Happy Christmas to you all!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for posting, it made my morning! Love the little twist at the end 🙂

  7. Best rendition of that song I ever heard! Merry Christmas, precious family!

  8. That was positively charming. Love. xo

  9. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you Nick and Emily for sharing!

  10. Omgoodness!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! What a treasure! Love and miss you guys! xoxo Merry Christmas 🙂

  11. and please tell Nick that he stole the performance!!

  12. Love it! One of my favorite songs this time of year. Thanks for sharing this special rendition.

  13. It is evident that you all love each other. Nick is a special blessing and sure loves his big sisters. Thanks for the heart warming song.

  14. I love the song, and what a nice treat for your brother

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